How Legal Mobile Apps are Changing How Americans Bet

After the Supreme Court’s ground-breaking verdict in 2018, more than 20 states have legalized sports betting. Initially, only the most forward-thinking jurisdictions permitted both in-person and mobile betting.

But with time, states have been changing their laws to accommodate mobile apps. Smartphone betting is the favorite way to bet on sports for most Americans. Indeed, a last year report in New Jersey showed 80% of its gambling revenues came from mobile bettors. Here are the best gambling options in New Jersey.

So, what’s the hype with betting apps?

Sports Betting on your Palm

Thanks to legal betting apps, Americans don’t have to take trips to casinos anymore. You can register a betting account on an app in a couple of minutes. And after that, you could wager on just about any sport in the world.

Think about it. You don’t need to leave your couch to bet on your favorite NBA team. You don’t even need to leave your bed to find your desktop PC. Betting is available right next to you on your iPhone.

The best part of betting apps is that they provide the same quality of services you can get in Vegas. In fact, sometimes you get improved odds at apps compared to land-based casinos. We’ll talk more about betting odds shortly.

Before then, keep in mind your betting experience can vary greatly depending on the apps you choose. Pick the best sports betting apps for the best experience. To expound more, choose licensed operators. Ensure they are safe, user-friendly and that they support your favorite sports and leagues.

Betting on All the Major Leagues

Before the US legalized sports betting, your best option for betting was to visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There was also the option of using offshore betting companies. But many of them were unreliable.

Post-legalization, you can bet on American sports on your iPhone. Think of the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, the NHL and MLS. You can wager on games in all these leagues plus more-European soccer, boxing, MMA, cricket, athletics, wrestling.

You can even bet on video game competitions. However, some betting markets, like college sports, celebrity award shows and politics are not legal in every state. All the same, betting apps provide a wide range of betting markets.

To add cherry on top, betting apps feature dozens of bet types. You can wager on virtually anything that happens in sports. There are the usual wagers—money line, spreads, championships, totals and futures. Or you can bet on propositions like coaches getting fired or players receiving technical.

American Odds

Americans betting in this age of legal apps don’t need to worry about converting decimal and fractional odds. Local apps provide odds in the Vegas format. For the uninitiated, American odds are based on betting or winning $100.

An underdog with odds of +150 will win you $150 if you bet $100 and get it correct. By comparison, you need to bet $150 to win $100 on a favorite team with odds of -150. That said, fractional and decimal odds aren’t rocket science.

Decimal odds are pretty simple. Odds of 2.0 means you win $20 for every $10 you bet. Odds of 5.00 win you $50 from a $10 bet. Of course, you also get your initial $10 bet.

Fractional odds are similar to their decimal counterparts. Odds of 2/1 are similar to 2.0 in that you earn $20 from a $10 bet. Odds of 5/2 are similar to 2.5, meaning a $10 wager wins you $25 plus your initial wager.

Additionally, there’s the benefit of receiving quality odds online compared to Las Vegas. In Sin city, casinos have way more expenses than apps. These expenses are paid for by poorer odds.

Free Bets for All

This might come as a surprise to some but you don’t need to be a high roller to get comps at betting apps. You don’t need to be a friend of the pit manager or to tip generous to attract bonuses like it’s the norm in Nevada.

At the best betting website, the simple act of creating an account attracts a free bet. A real money deposit attracts an even bigger deposit. Depending on the sportsbook, you can earn up to $5000 worth of bonuses.

To be clear, bonuses are worth real money. So, it’s up to you to maximize your profits. You can bet on easily predictable matches to win from most of your bets. But many professionals pick games with longer odds.

Here’s why. A lot of free bets allow you to keep only your profits. If you use a $10 free bet to win $20, you’ll get your $20 profit but the bookie will keep the original $10. In light of that information, the best way to maximize your profits is by betting on underdogs, albeit cautiously.

Safe Banking

For a few months after the US legalized sports betting, many credit cards would decline payments to betting apps. Things have since changed. Not only can you deposit money through credit cards but you could also use digital wallets, eChecks and wire transfer.

The best part: no one has to know about how much you bet. You also don’t need to carry the money in bags. You can spend as little or as much as you want privately. The transactions are fast and convenient, which allows you to bet immediately after you create an account.

For clarity, betting apps have rules about payment methods, limits and fees. The minimum deposit at most sportsbooks is $10. The maximum you can deposit ranges from $500 to $100,000 depending on whether you use gift vouchers, cards or ACH payments.

When it comes to fees, deposits are generally free. Withdrawals aren’t free always. Bookies can charge you a fixed amount or a small percentage of your winnings as a fee. They also determine the amount of money you can withdraw and how fast to process it.

Your Turn

Legal mobile betting is turning into one of America’s favorite past times. Mobile apps keep cropping up. And that’s because they’re safe, loaded with games, bonuses and safe payments.