How many Accidents Happened due to Smoking while Driving in 2019?



As for today, smoking still remains a harmful practice that billions of people adore. The activity has developed several so-called branches. Not only a usual cigarette, which originated from “the New World” and spread in Europe, but also oriental practices now blooms. They include hookah usage, vaping, and even the involvement of various herbs.

Being a popular trend, vaping is highlighted by mass media, mostly in terms of entertainment. Some resources try to draw society’s attention to the possible health risks that the habit causes in a long-term perspective. However, the coverage of the role of vaping in more significant dangers has never been a point of common interest within modern society.

All the modern vape shops have stepped far beyond the limits of cig-a-likes. The windows are full of colorful models of vape mods and pods of different configurations, designs, and functions. For more advanced users, these windows also open the world of an e nail and a wax rig usage. They fascinate both old and new users becoming a new trend.

E nails devices are not new but modernized. These are the potent devices that provide a consistent temperature to vaporize concentrates. They might look quite different now, but root in a traditional Middle Eastern method for smoking. The other name for the device is an electric dab nail (look these up). The constituents of the invention include the following elements:

  • The nail itself. It is similar to what we call ‘a tank’ in a usual electronic cigarette. Wax or other concentrate is put there. The form of the nail defines the design of the device; it might be a cone, a sphere, a pair of spheres or a sphere and a torus, or a cylinder.

  • The heating element. It is similar to what we call ‘a coil’ in a usual electronic cigarette. Obviously, it is used to heat the concentrate and produce the desired vapor.

  • The mouthpiece. It is the part of the device that you use to inhale the vapour. It might also be different, depending on the amount of vapour that you want to inhale. It always have a water bubbler attachment, which is needed not to scald oneself with the hot vapour. The water cools it down.

  • The body. This part of an e nail is a kind of skeleton because it helps to hold all the other constituents together, including the battery and some bowels. Also, it is always the element of design and style.


The modern era has brought a push in development not only for smoking but for the roads as well. Nobody uses the carts anymore. However, even the engine car is not a mark of progress today. A new era of electric cars has come. People all over the world try to be eco-friendly; they feel responsible for the world they live in. It makes e cars accessible. However, this does not make the driving process less dangerous, especially for those who drive long distances.

According to the statistics from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the average number of car accidents in the .U.S. every year is 6 million, and 3 million people get injured. Daily, about 90 people pass away because of the accidents. The most typical reasons for accidents are alcohol (40%), speeding (30%) and reckless driving (30%). However, talking about smoking while driving – it belongs to the category ‘distracted driving’. Each day at least nine people die because of distracted driving, and over 1060 people get injuries during this driving.

The study of the danger of combining smoking (or vaping) and driving is a question on the front burner. According to the report, published by The National Institutes of Health, people who smoke while driving are less concentrated on the road even in comparison to those who use a cell phone. The numbers of the research claim that while smoking, you get distracted from the way two seconds longer than while using a cell phone. It is usually about 525 feet of the route. The average time is 12 seconds for the smoker and 10.6 seconds for a cell user.

However, these numbers can also vary from person to person. Smoking needs a person to light a cigarette and to make puffs from time to time. Vaping is a more complicated process. The newer device you possess, the more time you need to start using it. Many new pods require configuration of wattage, voltage, and other parameters. Talking about more complicated technologies, which are e nails, the time only grows. It is hardly possible to combine using an electric dab nail while driving and staying attentive.

Some of the other countries are already claiming a strong position on this question. For example, in the United Kingdom, it is forbidden to use an e cigarette in a car if a child is on the board. The most important reasons are quite clear. Firstly, this helps children to avoid becoming second-hand vapers. Secondly, vapour can impair vision, and the risks of car accidents increase. In the United States, there is no such law on the federal level, but some states introduce their legislation regarding the situation. For instance, New York, Wisconsin, and Alabama.

Becoming a driver, a person gets responsibility not only for the vehicle and himself but also for the lives of other drivers and pedestrians. Remember that vaping is not pure entertainment; it is a danger as well. Being conscious is a way to succeed in any society, so try to respect the interests of other people as your ones.

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