How Much Does A Locksmith Charge To Program A Key Fob?


It seems like cars are becoming wiser every year. Gone are the days when you have to insert a key on a car door lock to get inside. Today, a simple push on a key fob, and you’ll hear the unlocking sound even if you’re still a few meters away from your car.

Aside from unlocking your car doors, key fobs also offer exciting features such as alarms and remote start. That said, like a traditional key, key fobs are unique to your car. It means that you also need to have it programmed by a professional locksmith.

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That said, you may be wondering how much does it cost to have a key-fob reprogram. Continue reading on to find out.

1. The Average Cost Of Programming Key Fob

In general, there are two ways to have your key-fob reprogrammed. One is to seek assistance from an authorized car dealership. Or you can choose to have it programmed by a car locksmith. In general, visiting a car locksmith offers much lower rates than the experts in a car dealership.

That said, a locksmith will charge an average price of USD$50 – USD$200 to program a key fob. The final price depends on several factors, thus, the broad price range.

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2. Cost Of Programming Car Key Fob Based On Types

The ultimate factor that impacts the cost of programming key fob is the type of key to be programmed. In general, the wiser and more complicated a key is, the more expensive it is to program. For instance, if you may be wondering how much it costs to replace a lost Honda key, to give you an idea, the cost of components and programming to replace a lost Honda key is anywhere between $90-$140. The cost of a replacement remote and other components will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Basic Keys

The basic car keys are the cheapest to program. It can lock and unlock all your car doors and has a primary security chip feature that controls the car alarm system.

For this type of car key, a locksmith will charge you about USD$50 – USD$100. After all, even if it only has basic features, it still needs to be programmed so you can use it on your car.

Transponder Key Fob

This type of key fob features a transponder chip. It has all the same basic features of a key and more. For one, it can send a signal directly to the ignition so that when you insert and turn the key, the car engine will start. Using a different key won’t allow the car to start.

With a transponder fob, you can’t replace the key-fob alone for the transponder and attach the old key. The key and attack fob come together, making it costlier to program.

The fob will cost you about USD$75, and the key can go about $160 using an authorized car dealer. However, they generally charge you about USD$20 – USD$30 less than these prices with a locksmith.

Laser Cut Key Fob

Laser-cut keys are more sophisticated and have a thicker shank than basic keys. Like a transponder key, laser-cut also has a built-in programmed transponder.

Replacing and programming a laser-cut key at a car dealership will cost you   USD$150 – USD$250. Automotive locksmith, however, can charge you a little lower than this.

Switchblade Key Fob

Switchblades mean that the key can be folded into the fob when not in use. There’s a button you can press on the fob for the key to pop out. As a result, switchblade keys are prone to wear and tear and broken hinges.

You can easily have the shank of the switchblade replaced for about USD$60 – USD$80. However, if you need to replace both the fob and key, you can expect to pay about USD$200 – USD$300.

Smart Key Fob

Smart or keyless entry remote is the last and most sophisticated car type of key fob.

You can lock and unlock car doors a few meters away from your car. At the same time, you can also start your car mobile by simply pressing a button on the fob. What makes this type of fob complicated is that it generates random codes every time you use it, ensuring that your car stays secure from any form of advanced car theft.

A replacement or smart key fob can be somewhat expensive when lost or damaged. Thus, the cost of having a smart-key replaced and programmed is about USD$200 – USD$500.

3. Other Factors That Affect Cost Of Programming A Key Fob

Car Make and Model

The features of your key fob will depend on how each vehicle manufacturer designed the car and its key fob. Some manufacturers make it more complicated to program a fey fob to increase security. That said, it can be more or less costly if you lose or damage your key fob.


The average cost of auto locksmith service in your area may be cheaper or more expensive than others. So, make sure to ask around before settling with the first auto locksmith you found.


And there you have it! As you can see, programming a car key fob can cost you as little as USD$50 or over a few hundred dollars. The price will depend on the type of key fob you have, the complexity of programming the fob, your car, and the average cost of a locksmith in your area.


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