How Much Does an Electric Car Charge Cost?


The question of how much it costs to charge an electric car is of great significant to owners and prospective owners. Unlike petrol or diesel-fueled cars, there are variations in the cost of electric car charging. Essentially, you can charge your electric car at home, at a public station, or on the motorway. The price of car charger Scotland varies depending on various factors including: the time of charging, the charging tariff, the size of the battery, and the amount of energy you want for your car charger. Here is a breakdown of how much an electric car charge costs in different places.

Charging at home

For Scotland electric car owners, charging at home is one of the options you have in regards to car charging. You can either use a 3-pin plug or a wall box. If you’re using a 3-pin plug, you don’t need any installation costs because your house has electric sockets already. It’s important to take note that an electric car takes several hours to charge fully. For this reason, it’s prudent if you to charge it overnight so that you can have it ready in the morning.

On average, for electric car charger Scotland, it will cost you 14p per kWh. If you’re charging a 40kWh Nissan Leaf using a 3kW car charger, it will cost you £6 for a 13-hour charging duration. But, if you charge at night, the cost will reduce significantly to around £6. If you are using a wall box for your electric car charge, you’re able to get a supply of power ranging from 3 to 22kW. Take note that for this one, you’ll have to pay for installation, but 75% of the costs are catered for by a government grant. Normally, this is up to £350.

Charging at a public charging station

The price of electric car charging at public stations varies depending on the service provider. Polar is one of the major providers; hence, let’s use them as an example. The first charging option is having a Polar Plus subscription. It costs £7.85 per month. Moreover, Polar charge points charge from 9p per kWh.

There is also another option where you pay-as-you-go. This is known as Polar Instant. The points have an administration cost of £1.20. For a 30 minutes charge using a rapid charger, you pay £6. For a 60 minutes charge using a 3kW slow charger, it costs £1.20.

Charging on the motorway

Ecotricity charging stations are usually on the motorway. Normally, you pay 15p per kWh. However, the charge doubles for customers who don’t have an Ecotricity account. If you’re using a 50kW rapid charger, it will cost you more to charge a 40kWh Nissan Leaf. But, the good news is that it will take lesser time to have it fully charged. It takes less than 1 hour to have it charged to full capacity.

From the breakdown above, you can see that the cost of electric car charge varies greatly depending on various factors. For example, if you’re charging from home, it will cost differently compared to charging at a public charging station or on the motorway.

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