How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?


Are you planning to ship your car or vehicle from a place to another?

If yes, you need to enquire about the cost first. Cars transportation costs are pretty unstable. The price may vary depending on several factors.

You need to approach a shipping company which provides automobile transporting services. They will give you a quote for shipping your car from one destination to another.

On average it will cost you nearly $700 to $800 to ship a car. If the trip is short, it will cost you around $200 to $300. However, if the longer distance, the price might go up to $2000.

If you want to know the accurate cost, you can visit  They have “auto shipping quote calculator” which helps you check the quote online on their website.

What is Auto Transportation?

Auto transportation is a service that transports your car from destination point A to destination point B. It is also known as car shipping, vehicle transportation or transportation automobile.

Car transport services differ from one company to another. Some transport companies provide door to door services while others have specific pickup locations.

What is Car Transportation Services?

This is the service used for transportation car, truck, SUV or any other type of vehicle. They use heavy-duty trucks to move the vehicles.

If you want to move your vehicle from one location to another be it outside the city, state or country, you need to approach a shipping company. They will provide you with the quote and ship your car.

Types of Car Transport Services:

Every shipping company provides different types of transport and shipping services. You need to know the difference to choose the best one for your car.

  • Open Air: The car will be shipped in an open truck or vehicle.
  • Enclosed Transport: They will ship your car in an enclosed truck.
  • Terminal to Terminal: They will pick up and drop the car at a particular terminal.
  • Door to Door: They will pick up your car from the doorstep and drop it at the drop step.
  • Luxury and Exotic Cars: They will take the utmost care to ship your luxury car. It will be fully insured.

How Much Does Car Transportation Cost?

Car transportation cost depends on several factors.

  • Transport Type: It can either be open transport or enclosed transport. The average price for open transport is $700 and for enclosed transport is $1200.
  • Distance: The cost varies as per distance. For 150 miles, the average cost is $500. For 550 miles it is $750. 1000 miles will cost $1200. 1750 miles will cost $1300.
  • Car Size: The average cost for shipping normal size car is $850. For SUV, the cost is $900. To ship a truck, it will cost $1000.

How to Obtain a Car Transportation Quote?

It is very easy to obtain a car transport quote. You need to approach various shipping companies and ask them for quotes. You can visit the website and contact them for quotes. There is email or call option. There are some websites which offer instant quotes as well.

You can obtain an instant quote for shipping your car or you can calculate the aprox. cost of the shipping service using the auto shipping quote calculator.

This is how you can easily find out the cost to ship your car. It will help you to choose a shipping company which offers the best price.

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