How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Car in Australia


Planning and paperwork is vital when shipping a car to Australia. 

But the first thing that bothers people about interstate car transportation is “cost”.  

If you are planning to ship your car your mind would be puzzled with questions like what will the cost be for interstate transport? Which company should you choose in order to get the most reliable yet affordable deal? 

Being a car owner, one can totally relate to how precious our vehicles are to us. If you are planning to ship your car interstate in Australia, you need to take different factors into consideration. Not only you have to worry about budget and reliable company, but also about the mode of transportation. You have to be confident enough that the chosen car transportation company is offering you a fair deal. But how?  

We’ve put up this brief reference to interstate car transport prices to make it easy and time efficient for you.  We’ve jotted down information on price factors and how to select the best car shipping business for your requirements to ensure your car reaches safely to you. we have attempted to simplify and demystify the cost of car carrying, to make it easier for you to have an accurate estimate on the true price of interstate car transport in Australia. 

Read about the mentioned factors in detail to understand what is the fair deal you need to look for. 

How much does it cost to have a car transported interstate? 

Under normal standards, it costs about 40-60 cents per kilometer to transport your car interstate.  

For instance, you can anticipate paying between $570 and $1,075 to ship your car from Brisbane to Melbourne or between $700 and $1,250 to ship it from Sydney to Perth. 

Not to forget, this is subject to several variables, like the final location, the size and condition of your car, and even current market rates. Remember, to ask for free quotes from different companies before making any decision. 

What factors affect the interstate car transportation cost 

Distance Of Transportation 

Distance is one of the major factors influencing the cost of interstate car transport in Australia. The distance is directly proportional to the price. More the distance, the higher will be the price. However, it is not always as logical as you may think. As you go farther, the cost per kilometer may go down. 

Size Of Your Car 

Large and heavy-weight vehicles are bound to cost you more. For instance, cost of transporting van, campervan, or SUV will be much more than a small or light-weight vehicle. The logic behind this is very simple. Small cars will take up less space on the carrier and thus shipping companies can carry more vehicles at once.  

Door-to-Door Vs Depot Service 

Door-to-door service means that your car will be collected or delivered to the address you have mentioned. A door-to-door service costs you more than depot-to-depot delivery.  Talking about depot to depot delivery, you can just drop your car off or pick it up at the depot when it’s easy for you to save you from an additional cost. 

But don’t forget, depot to depot also has a storage cost.  

Type of car-carrying services 

Your prices may also vary depending on the type of car-carrying service you need. Guaranteed Delivery Date Services are a part of premium services; thus, they incur additional costs.  Many of you would prefer shipping it in an enclosed space to protect them from any damage, this will again increase your transportation cost. More amenities you need, the higher the cost will be. 

The price will also vary depending on how quickly you want your vehicle delivered. For instance, you can anticipate paying more for exceptional service if you want your automobile to come as soon as possible. Prices typically decrease if you’re willing to wait. 

Forward Loading Or Back Loading 

Back-loading is the practice of lowering prices in one direction. Some interstate lanes have high volume demand in one direction, leaving “unoccupied space for returning trucks. This is especially true for the Adelaide to Melbourne journey, which is significantly less expensive for the same distance as Melbourne to Adelaide. 

Tips to Find the Cheapest Interstate Car Transportation Company in Australia 

Take these tips into consideration, if you are looking for the cheapest interstate car transportation company in Australia. 

  • Set your priorities straight. You need to be as transparent as you can be and clear about your thoughts and needs. You must know your priorities, any factors you can compromise on to save some money, etc. 
  • Don’t just jump on the first car transportation company you happen to get good rates upon. Take quotes from other companies as well, once done compare the quote.  
  • Everything cheap is not the best. So think ahead of prices as well. The company you choose should offer what you demand.  
  • Read the testimonials, not only the negative ones, but positive ones as well to ensure the service quality. 

As you must have understood now, there are various factors that govern interstate car transportation cost, but you must choose wisely. Write down all the factors, fit in your expectations, and then as for free quotes from various car transportation companies.  

Before you ask for quotes, ensure you do proper research about those companies. Once you are done with the cost issue, you must look into other factors as well. For instance, keep track of all the documents that you need.  You can speak to the chosen car moving company about the documents needed and preparation you need to do before shipping.  


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