How Much Would San Diego Mobile Detailing Services Cost?


Auto detailing is the act of cleaning and restoring a car to give it a high-quality look both in the interior and exterior design. Unlike the regular detailing where you take your car to be restored, mobile detailing comes to you and works on your car where you are. Mobile detailing has become more popular as people can save more time and focus on other things in exchange for extra payments for the restoration.

Most car owners look at the cost of a mobile detailing to determine if the extra bucks are worth the work. In the USA, for instance, there are several detailing services that you can pick from, and which they’ll both vary in price. If you’re in San Diego, you can look at the different San Diego mobile detailing services to restore your car instead of looking for the service in a different city, which will increase the cost.

How Much Does Mobile Detailing Cost?

The cost of mobile detailing will vary depending on so many things. You can’t put an exact price on auto detailing, but it could vary from about USD$119 to USD$649 depending on the following factors:

1. Your Location

Your location from the detailing service may not directly affect the cost of the detailing but will do so in terms of the transportation fees, which will add to the detailing costs. This is why it’s advisable to get the detailing from a company close to you because it’ll cost less if you have to pay for the transportation cost.

2. State Of The Car

Different cars will require different types of detailing depending on how dirty and neglected they are or the type of interior. Dirty cars will cost more because they’ll require thorough cleaning and detailing compared to relatively clean cars. Also, neglected cars will require more detailed cleaning and restoration than used cars, therefore, they would cost more.

Cars that use cloth or light interior will require special attention during cleaning. Also, cars with animal hair and heavy kid use will cost more because cleaning the hair and the debris will always need thorough detailing.

3. Size Of The Car

This goes without saying that larger and oversized cars will require more labor and time when detailing. Such factors will also determine how much you’ll be charged during the detailing, as a sedan won’t cost as much as a full truck or as little as a coupe if they’re in the same condition and require the same kind of detailing.

You can estimate the cost of the detailing by measuring the size of your car and see under which category it may fall. Small cars may cost less and large cars may cost more. Fortunately, most mobile detailing services have a price for each category of car you deal with.

4. Nature Of Detailing

There are different natures of detailing done on cars, some of which are simple, like vacuuming, window cleaning, and wheel cleaning. The ultimate detailing includes exterior and interior cleaning, fabric protection, and UV protection on door panels and consoles.

Simple detailing will cost less than the ultimate detailing. Other detailing types, such as exterior, interior, or mini detail, will cost anything between the simple and ultimate detailing. The detailing provider will give you a quotation depending on the nature of detailing that your car needs.

5. Pricing By The Company

Mobile auto detailing services are run like any other business service. This means that different companies will offer you the services and charge you differently. So, when looking for mobile detailing services, it’s good to shop around for more than one company and see their prices.

In some cases, a particular company can increase the prices by offering some extra services. You should also check if the services are worth it, or if you can get the same services elsewhere at a lesser cost.

6. Discounts And Promotions

Return clients are often offered discounts on some services. Also, there are promotions on particular services that can help you reduce the detailing. Therefore, when you’re looking for a way to cut costs on your detailing project, you should consider calling the company that always does the detailing. If you have a loyalty card, it would be better to get a discount.


The cost of mobile detailing services in San Diego will vary depending on so many factors. The most common one is the nature of the detailing services and the size or type of your car. While it may generally be too expensive to get the ultimate detailing, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions. However, it would be best if you considered the value of the detailing instead of the price.

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