How Often Should I Service My BMW?


If you’ve just bought a BMW, you will know the vehicle is popular because of its outstanding performance and durability. It is vital to know that purchasing the BMW will mean that you have to keep it in excellent condition if you wish to drive it for several years. And to keep it in perfect condition, you have to take it to the Mississauga Audi & BMW repair service. We can agree that the initial step in maintaining your BMW is to seek a reliable repair service. It is essential to find one that specializes in offering repair services to European cars.

In the meantime, you may ask, “How often do I have to take my BMW to a repair service?” Read on to find out.

During Every Visit to a Mechanic

Some time ago, engine fluids, oil, and brake liquids were similar among different car brands. But today, every brand, including the BMW, has unique recommended liquids. When you visit a reliable auto repair service, you will find them using the right type of fluids for your vehicle. It is always best to trust an auto service if you wish to get a top-notch oil change for your BMW.

Once Every Month

It would be best if you made sure that your tires are inflated correctly. If you do so, your rides will be smoother, and you will enjoy excellent gas mileage. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the windshield washer’s liquid level once every month. It is always best to have a clear vision so that you have a safe driving experience. The wiper needs to be in excellent condition so that it can clean the windshield correctly.

At 7,500 Miles or Eight Months

You should rotate your tires after every 7,500 miles to make sure they wear evenly. During this time, you need to look at the BMW’s engine coolant levels. Also, the windshield wiper will require a comprehensive inspection to determine if it should be replaced. And don’t forget to change the car’s oil filter all the time.

It is challenging to know when you need to do the oil change for the BMW. The manufacturer created the new vehicles to use artificial oils and fluids that will require less changing than the conventional oils.

It is crucial to note that the oils can be used for one year. (This is equivalent to an average of 12,000 to 15,000 miles). If you read the manual, it is recommended to do an oil change after 15,000 miles. Most BMW cars will have dashboard warning lights that will remind you to change the oil. But if you wish to extend the engine’s lifespan and keep the BMW performing like it always does, you need to change the oil as soon as possible. Ideally, you should visit an auto service after every 7,500 miles. This will be dependent on the driving habits and the environment where you reside.

If you always drive in town and experience a moderate climate, there will be flexibility when you decide to change your oil. But if the BMW is regularly exposed to the harsh environment, it is recommended that you go to an auto service after every 5,000 miles.

Is it time for you to change the car’s oil? If you’re not sure. Here is what you should know:

  • Know your driving habits regularly.
  • Write down the last time you visited an auto service to change the car’s oil.
  • Read the BMW manual and adhere to the recommendations offered when switching the car’s oil.

At 36,000 Miles

After 36,000 miles, you will have to replace the air filters. If you do so, you will stop dust and other air pollutants from getting inside the BMW.

At 72,000 Miles

After you’ve covered 72,000 miles, you will have to change the air filters another time. While doing so, you can replace the engine air filter. Also, you will have to assess the evaporative control system. The system will get rid of the harmful pollutants.

Seek a Professional Wheel Alignment Company

If you’ve noticed that your BMW doesn’t maintain going straight when you stop using the steering wheel, you will have to go for wheel alignment. If you ignore this process, after some time, your tires will wear and tear.

We know how challenging it can be to maintain a first-class car like the BMW. That’s why it is recommended that you visit a reliable auto service to know your vehicle’s condition.


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