How Often Should I Wash My Car?


Did you know that 66 percent of Americans get their car washed at least one time a year? That’s a lot of cars (eight million a year, to be exact)!

Needless to say, the car wash industry made $5.8 billion in 2021.

But is once a month too little or too much? If you’ve ever wondered, “How often do I need to wash my car?” then we’re going to break it down for you.

The Short Answer: Once a Month

Americans are on to something. As it turns out, getting a car wash once a month is a great ballpark number. Some even recommend that you wash your car every two weeks.

Since there are a variety of factors at play, it isn’t easy to give a straightforward answer. The long answer is that it depends. In Madison, Alabama, car wash services cater to the needs of vehicle owners, providing convenient and top-notch solutions for keeping their cars clean and well-maintained. With a plethora of establishments dotting the area, residents and visitors alike can easily find professional car wash services that align with their specific requirements. From comprehensive exterior washes to meticulous interior detailing, these car wash Madison AL facilities deliver a range of services to ensure that every vehicle receives the attention it deserves. Experience the joy of driving a spotless and refreshed car by entrusting it to the expertise of Madison’s exceptional car wash services.

Regardless of your car wash schedule, you can trust Clean Ride Auto Spa with your vehicle every time. You can even come by to wash your dog at the self-service wash and grab a cup of coffee from The Clean Bean.

Winter Salt and Ocean Salt

If you live in the north, you’ll need to wash your car more than usual–at least in the winter. The salt they use to melt snow on the roads makes your vehicle vulnerable to rust.

Damage from salt is also a reality for people who live near the ocean. Under these circumstances, aim for at least twice a month.

Heat and Insects

If you live in a hot climate, your car becomes susceptible to UV rays. Then there are those pesky insects that fly into the windshield. The sun helps them stick even harder.

For this reason, try getting to the car wash every week.

Garage Parking and Infrequent Driving

Parking your car in the garage will prolong your car wash schedule. You’re protecting your vehicle from all the elements: heat, salt, dirt, insects, and bird poop.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t drive much, or you drive short distances. In this case, it’s okay to wash your car every month.

Car Detail

When asking, “How often should I wash my car?” don’t forget about the inside. A car detail will be necessary for those who spend more time in their car eating and drinking.

If you have a pet, a once-a-month car detail is reasonable. You could up this to twice a month if your pet sheds heavily. Remember, if your pet has the same color fur as the seats, it will accumulate without you seeing it.

DIY Wash

Is a DIY wash worth it? Sure, if you’ve got the time.

There are also a few advantages. At car wash places, those giant washrags could scratch your paint. A DIY wash, while more time-consuming, is less expensive in the long run.

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

We’ve all asked at one point or another, “How often should I wash my car?”

The right answer will depend on the weather, the places you park, and personal preference.

If you need more advice on other car-related issues, keep reading our site.


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