How Third-Party Tesla Apps Improves Experience with Tesla Cars?


Tesla is probably not a name you need an introduction to since it is quite famous for its highly advanced electric cars and other technologies. However, you need to learn something about third-party Tesla Apps to improve your experience with these cars.

So, in today’s article, I am going to discuss how these third-party apps can improve the overall experience with Tesla Cars. Furthermore, you will also be able to know whether these are safe to use or not.

If you are not using any, I would recommend you try an app that is quite secure. You have to visit here to get a highly recommended app that will allow you to control your car remotely. However, there are many other apps you can try.

What are Third-Party Tesla Apps?

Defining what these apps are is critical before we discuss how they affect Tesla electric cars. As you know, there are hundreds of thousands of applications and some of you may use them carelessly. However, not all of them are safe.

The third-party apps are basically unofficial and are not affiliated with the official firm or company. But still, they can be used to perform various tasks or functions. So, you can get hundreds of Tesla Apps to operate your car remotely.

These type of vehicles come with remote control capability, as most of you are aware. So, you can easily control most of its functions through an Android or iOS mobile phone. This feature also makes these vehicles attractive and unique from many others.

You can therefore remotely control a lot of different things, such as charging, heating, and cooling, lock and unlocking, and many more. In conclusion, these are the main features that everyone would like to have in a Tesla car, and you definitely get them all in Tesla Apps.

However, whether they are safe or not is a big debate. Because there are so many such applications for not only Android but also iPhone devices. Even these are allowed to operate with the vehicle and there is no such restriction from the company.

How Third-Party Apps for Tesla can Improve the User Experience?

As you know, these vehicles support a feature where you can control your mobile phone. This can be an Android, iPhone, or any other. You can use different apps to make your car work or control. So, these are not less than a blessing for the users.

Well, one cannot ignore the technology of Tesla cars, but these apps make it possible to utilize it in the best way. It has revolutionized the whole driving experience for people. The owners cannot only put their car on auto-driving mode but also there are so many other functions.

You can install an app on your phone and then put it on charging remotely. Even you have the option to stop charging once it is complete. It will automatically disconnect the charger from your car. Further, there is an option for you to heat or cool.

As you know that in most vehicles, you are supposed to do that manually. However, you just need to select the heating or cooling option right from the app and then put it on auto heating or cooling. One more option that you can find even in other brands is locking and unlocking.

But the difference is that you will find that for multiple tools such as for Doors, Bonnet, Hood, and a few others. In most of these apps, you get security features along with the climate. Hence they all cover these options that exist in Tesla.

There is an option for you to change the temperature within the car by going into the climate settings or option. Apart from that, you have flash, horn, Car’s Stats, notifications, and more. To access your phone’s calendar, you can also connect it with your smartphone.

Are These Apps Safe?

As you know, there are millions of apps including Android and iOS platforms. So, you will find multiple kinds of apps that you can use to control Tesla remotely through your phone. Some of them are safe and some may not be safe.

Tesla has already allowed these unofficial applications to operate with its products. But it is quite hard to point out which one of them is safe and which one is not. However, you will find hundreds of such tools not only for Android but also for many other electronic gadgets.

However, there is one option or you can consider it a tip to find out if not fully safe, then least safe apps. First of all, do not download or install these applications from any unofficial or untrusted website or store. So, visit the official Play Store or App Store for that.

Second and last, you need to check the reviews and ratings of that tool or software that you are interested in using. So, that is how you can find a better and safer option for it. Otherwise, no one can guarantee whether they are 100% safe or not.


The most important thing that you all need to have is the latest Tesla car. Secondly, you must have a smartphone or a tablet that is compatible with these vehicles. Otherwise, you should skip this article or at least share it with someone who owns it.

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