How to Apply Ceramic Coating – Step by Step Complete Process!


Ceramic coatings are meant to prolong the life of your car, no matter old or new. These are even great to apply on motorcycles and keep them nice. The application process is really simple but needs steps followed sequentially.

So, make sure you know enough about the entire process and proceed ahead.

Applying Ceramic Coatings for Better Looking Vehicle!

Applying Ceramic Coatings for Better Looking Vehicle!

There are a few considerations before jumping into the process. You might want to try a DIY kit to complete the coating. Also, it’s important you get the car surface free from any spots or similar things. This is necessary for a newly bought car as well.

Make sure you get some washing, claying and buffing process before getting the coating done. This will give a better effect.

Before Crossing the Starting Line!

  • Okay, starting with the most frustratingpart of this whole process. It’s before you actually apply the coating. There’s a great need to make the car ready for this process.
  • You need a space where there is enough shade going around. Your car can not be beneath direct sunlight, at any cost. This must be taken care of. You absolutely can’t ignore this point.
  • You need to wash your car now. There should be no contaminants remaining in the surface. Such as bird droppings, insects, dust or mud. Make sure you clean it well.
  • You’ll need a microfiber towel for the next step. Use it with ceramic coat car paint protection product to dry your car.

Get Rid of Spots!

  • There should not be any hint of scratches or such spots on your car’s surface. This is really important if you wish to give your car a flawless coating.
  • The most useful material here is a specially detailed clay. This thing is literally going to take off any particles of dirt, even the tiniest amount will be gone.

Get, Set, Go!

  • Now, this is basically the moment of truth. It’s time to apply the magical thing nad turn your car into a precious belonging.
  • Wear your protective gloves, make sure they are good in quality. Never skip this step, it’s about your safety.
  • Put some ceramic coating of your choice into an application pad. You need to run it on your car’s surface using the crisscross motion.
  • Using specifically designed pad, take your time to spread the product evenly into car’s surface. You should not rush from one step to another. Work gradually and let it spread.
  • Once you are done, take a microfiber cloth. Use it to wipe away the surface. Let all the residue be gone.
  • After that, get another microfiber cloth. Now use it for gently buffing the surface.
  • It’s time to leave your car under the shade for a while. Let it stay there for two days.
  • Wear the sunglasses, it’s time for some bling-bling. Enjoy the car shining bright like a diamond!

Some Points Need Attention!

  • I know you’ll be busy showing off your radiant car here and there. But have some time to maintain the gloss too.
  • Avoid any acidic or harsh chemicals to clean the car. The coating will decay and you’ll get an ugly surface sooner than later. pH balanced cleaners are the way to go!
  • Never wash beneath the sun. This will leave soap drying quick and it will create an ugly stain on the surface.
  • Keeping your car unattended after washing is a big no. Using microfiber towel, wipe it right away and make it dry.
  • Never go for force motion while wiping the surface.
  • Some people overdo the process of protection. Using multiple layers of wax and coating might sound favorablebut in reality, it is pointless.
  • Maintenance boosters are not mandatory but recommended. This thing will prolong the life of coating over your car surface.

Finishing Line

I’m sure, a lot of readers at this point will think, why take the hassle and not simply use a car wax instead?

You can, of course, use car wax. But get ready to apply it every three to four months. Also, don’t expect the glossiest look, because that’s not going to happen. At least car wax will never reach the shine that ceramic coating brings.

What I am trying to say is, car wax is not enough to keep your vehicle looking brand new.

It’s not a complicated process, really! Once you try it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be smiling after seeing the results. Just be sure to have patience and give enough attention to each step. That’s it!

Good Luck on Making Your Car New Again!

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