How to Avoid a Car Accident


The internet is awash with advice on how to avoid traffic accidents. Unfortunately, some of the advice just isn’t actionable. Not everybody, for example, can travel during off peak hours. Not everybody can limit their car journeys and use public transport more often. Not everybody can cycle instead of drive. Some of us must drive.

Today, we’re going to look at practical tips to avoid a car accident. Remember, if you have been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you need to know your rights and find out what to do next. See this Orlando attorney (for car accidents) if you have been affected, for example.

Red light runners can ruin your day

When emerging at traffic lights, beware red light runners coming from the left and right. Often, drivers who are familiar with the roads will know that they only have a short time to drive between one set of lights and another set of lights without getting caught at a red. This means drivers can speed up in anticipation of getting through the green light in time. However, mistakes happen, and people can get their timing all wrong. Before they know it, the light has turned red and they are going too fast to stop. Not only does this mean they are about to run a red light, but they are about to run a red light at high speed.

Avoid collisions with red light runners by not being too eager to put your foot down the moment your light turns green. Although you may feel like this is a safety precaution too far, anyone who has witnessed someone run a red light right in front of them knows that a tip like this can save lives.

Neither a tailgater nor a slow driver be

Tailgating is one of the fastest tickets to the emergency room. Remember, stopping distances begin at 40 ft when travelling at just 20 mph (this includes thinking time). That’s around three car lengths. Increase your speed to 40 mph and you now need 118 ft to stop in time, which is around nine car lengths. Thinking of tailgating at 70 mph? Technically, you need 315 ft in which to bring your car to a safe stop when travelling at 70 mph, which is 24 car lengths.

With this in mind, slow drivers must take care not to drive at speeds way below the stated speed limit. Drivers coming from the rear will not expect to encounter a slow moving car in the road, and don’t forget, you won’t be braking, so there will be no brake light warning.

Keep a safe distance (scanning around 12 seconds ahead), and travel at the stated speed limit to ensure you don’t inadvertently cause a crash.

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