How To Avoid The Most Common Injuries In A Non Fatal Car Crash


An non fatal car crash can be a substantial blow to your financial and physical well being. Here’s how to minimize the impact on your life.

Car accident: two words that can change your life, or at the very least, ruin your day. About three million people are injured in car accidents every year in the United States.

Odds are that you will be involved in a car accident at some point in your life. With that in mind, what actions can you take to prevent certain injuries?

Keep reading to learn how to avoid the most common injuries in a non-fatal car crash.

Types of Injuries

Car accident injuries are broken down into two main categories: penetrating injuries and impact injuries.

Broken glass or flying objects inside of the vehicle can cause penetrating injuries.

Impact injuries occur when someone’s body collides with the interior of the car, or potentially, with a loose object inside of the car.

Most Common Non-Fatal Car Crash Injuries

Car crash injuries can range from a couple of bumps and bruises to severe back injuries. Let’s take a look at some of the most common non-fatal car crash injuries that occur.


Whiplash is caused by the neck moving back and forth forcefully and is most commonly caused by rear-end accidents. Whiplash can be very painful and a slow-healing injury.

Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and scrapes can be caused by loose objects inside of your vehicle, or from the impact with the other vehicle or interior of your vehicle. Minor cuts and scrapes can heal easily with being kept clean and bandaged, more severe cuts may need stitches.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can occur from the knee striking the dashboard or another interior surface of the car. Suffering from a knee injury from a car accident can be quite serious because it is a complicated joint. Recovery can range from needing to wear a brace to knee surgery.

Head Injuries

Due to the high impact involved in car accidents, head injuries are a common injury. They can be caused by the head hitting the steering wheel, side window, or another surface. Head injuries can result in traumatic brain injury, which has long-lasting complications.

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Non-Fatal Car Crashes

Know that we know what some of the most common injuries are, read on to learn how to avoid them.

  1. Drive defensively. Do not count on other drivers to properly use a four-way stop or yield while turning.

  2. Put down the phone. Texting or talking on the phone while driving causes you to be distracted and slow your reaction time.

  3. Minimize projectiles. Take a look around the inside of your vehicle and remove items that could become projects in an accident.

  4. Use your blinkers. Blinkers allow other drivers to anticipate your next move and respond appropriately with enough time.

Bottom line: keep your focus on the road, limit distractions, follow driving laws, and do not assume that others will do the correct thing.

Staying Safe

Car accidents happen, but implementing a few simple steps can help reduce your risk of non-fatal car crash injuries.

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