How To Become A Pro Car Salesman


Car sales associates have a significant role to play in the success of the dealership that they work for. These salesmen are the front liners and the representatives of the dealership. They have to make that excellent first impression to impress potential buyers.

It’s worth noting that buyers today go through the process with so much more scrutiny, as they don’t want to make any mistakes with their car purchase. When they see the smallest of all red flags, even pertaining to the salesman, they immediately leave.

As a car salesman, therefore, your goal should always act like a pro. Here are tips on how to be one:

1. Learn To Be A Good Listener

Because you’re a car salesperson, it can be very tempting to want to keep on talking. But, this may not be very good for you if you’re going to build a positive rapport with the customer that you’re talking to.

Customers want to deal with salespeople who actively listen to them so that their concerns can be addressed. More than just becoming a talker, practice being a better listener. That way, you’ll have better interactions with clients

2. Ask The Right Questions

Apart from being a good listener, it’s also imperative to ask the right questions. Refrain from asking any questions that may be too personal or unnecessary for the client.

The questions you should ask should also lead to answers about their budget, the car that they’re looking for, who they’re buying the car for, and the primary purpose of the vehicle. These questions allow you to examine what cars you may have that answer all of these questions. By the time that you offer cars to your clients to view, these options are already very close to those that meet their needs and preferences.

Examples of these specific questions include:

  • “Who will be the primary driver of the car?”
  • “What will be the primary purpose of the car?”
  • “Do you already have options for the car model that you’d like to look at?”
  • “What’s the budget that you have in mind?”
  • “What are the preferences that you’re looking for in a car?”

Asking the right questions can also be better learned by attending dealership sales training.

3. Remember Customer Names

As a car salesperson, you’re working in the field of sales. This means that customer service is vital. Thus, as soon as you start working in a car dealership, start remembering and memorizing the names of the customers that walk in.

Remember that to a person, remembering their name is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful things that businesses can ever do. It creates that image of value and thoughtfulness; it makes your client feel special since you cared enough to remember their names.

4. Look Customers In The Eye

If you want to build a strong rapport with your customers, you have to learn to look them in the eye when you’re talking. Eye contact is significant to help create that better connection with the person that you’re talking to.

Refrain from being too distracted by looking elsewhere, as this will make it seem as if you’re disinterested in closing a deal. The sweet spot to hit is to maintain eye contact at least 30 to 60% of the time that you’re talking. Anything less is poor rapport. Anything in excess will also be too pushy and uncomfortable.

 5. Be Friendly

Although you’re a car salesperson, this doesn’t entirely mean that you only have to focus on talking about cars the whole time. If you make the mistake of doing that, you’re only going to bore your clients out.

With a wide array of resources that are available to them, take note that car shoppers are smarter nowadays. They may have already researched the pros and cons of each car and its features. This isn’t something that you have to keep on repeating on. Moving forward, you should start on a friendly note.

An excellent way to do it is to ask the client how they’re doing and what their interests are. If you have anything in common, point this out. These customers also don’t like to feel intimidated, as if they’re talking to a car robot. They want to feel comfortable, too. Give this comfort to them by being friendly.


When you’re a pro car salesman, you’re an asset to the dealership that you’re working for. You’re selling more cars, as you’re bringing more customers in. In the very competitive automotive industry, you need to make this mark. Else, you’re only becoming a liability to your dealership.

As a new year starts, it also means room for new beginnings and further improvements. Apply these tips, and soon enough, you’re also on your way towards becoming a pro car salesman.


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