How to best choose your airport parking?


One of the most stressful parts of every vacation comes right before the departure – what to do with your vehicle when you’re away?

If you’re facing such a decision for the first time, it can be difficult to decide – there are many options to consider, all with their respective upsides and downsides. Should you park your car by yourself at the airport parking lot, or use the meet and greet service for a convenient way to store your car?

Let’s go over the most cost-efficient ways to go about your airport parking before a big trip.

Basics first – establishing your parking needs

What type of parking you’re going to choose will largely depend on your needs. Make sure you’ve got your flight schedule and general itinerary prepared – it’ll help you make the right decision when the time comes.

The most crucial information is how long you’ll need to park your car for. Also, take into consideration the day and time of your departure and arrival – if you’re travelling on a peak travel day, chances are you might not find an empty spot at the airport. In such cases, consider off-airport parking lots and always keep a backup plan, just in case.

Short-term parking is the most sensible and money-efficient if you’re going away for a day or two, but will cost you extra if you’ll choose to stay for longer. In such a case, long-term parking might be a better choice, but it’s usually located further away from the airport. However, if you only need to store your car at an airport for a couple of hours, hourly parking will most likely be your best bet.

Meet-and-greet or park-and-ride?

The two most common ways of handling airport parking are meet-and-greet and park-and-ride. The first one makes use of a valet that will greet you at the terminal and take your car to an open spot. This is usually the most convenient, especially if time is of the essence, as you are left right at the terminal, ready to catch your flight.

The park-and-ride option, on the other hand, lets you park your vehicle by yourself at an open spot, after which you’ll take a shuttle to the airport terminal. This is usually cheaper than using a valet service and will save you some money, but takes a bit more time. If you want a simple experience, go for the shuttle – but if you’re more concerned about convenience and time, go for the valet.

Covered parking lot or an outside parking spot? Compare your options!

Whether you’re parking under the clear skies or under a roof of some sorts will definitely influence the price – weigh your needs. A good tip is to check the weather for the duration of your stay – if the weather will be sunny and generally favorable, chances are you don’t need a covered parking lot.

On the other hand, if you’re facing tough weather and a lot of downfall or strong gusts of wind, it might be safer to choose a covered parking lot. This way, you’ll protect your vehicle from the elements and skip the hassle of having to clean your car when you return.

To find the best parking lot for you, make sure to compare prices and benefits using a trusted service – Parkfellows allows you to compare adequate parking options from reliable parking providers and book your parking and pay safely online. With Parkfellows, you can travel stress-free, knowing your vehicle is in excellent hands.

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