How to Buy Grille Guards for your truck


Grille guards offer protection to your truck’s front, especially when spending time in off-road terrains. This accessory also enhances the looks of your vehicle significantly. When purchasing a grille guard, you want nothing but the best of them all, and one that suits your needs. So how do you achieve that?

Here is What you Should Consider

1. Coverage

Considering your coverage ensures you buy that perfect grille guard. The guards offer some options you can choose from that include:

  • Full grille guards

Full grille guards are designed to offer complete front end protection. It’s a grille guard that will cover the whole front end of your truck. Full grille guards have two heavy-duty vertical columns attached to the truck’s frame. Above these frames are horizontal guards, which offer extended protection on the headlight area.

  • Center grille guards

Center grille guards cover your cars’ front end partially, just at the front of the radiator. They are, however, constructed similarly to the full grille guards, only without the frame that protects your truck’s headlights. These guards offer not only protection but also a place to install auxiliary lights and other accessories.

  • Bull bars

The manufacturers of bull bars designed them for tougher off-road machines that cover extremely sloppy and rocky areas. These bars have steel hoops(tubular) mounted under the grill, enabling trucks to bounce over obstacles.

  • Skid plates

Some vehicles feature low undersides that risk scrapping when on rugged terrains. Skid plates protect the bottom of the vehicle from being scrapped by rocks in off-road terrains.

2. Accessories

Before purchasing a grill guard for your truck, consider whether you will need any auxiliary lighting or winch. If so, go for that guard that will match perfectly with these accessories.

3. Style

One of the primary purposes of grille guards is to enhance your truck’s looks. These guards come in different styles, and you want to ensure you go for that grille guard that will perfectly complement the truck’s looks.

For that rugged yet classic appearance, opt for the full grille guard. Center grill guards give your truck a more lustrous look. There are also available euro-style grilles that complement the lines of your vehicle.

4. Type of material and finish used

Grille guards are made from different materials. You need to consider what type of material you want, and doing some background checks on it would also help. The most common material is stainless steel, that also comes in different styles.

There’s the thicker steel that is also stronger and heavier. On one side, a strong material might offer extra protection, but heavier means more fuel consumption. Either way, if you are comfortable with the material, it would be best to go for it without second thoughts.

Polished stainless steel might be pricey, but it is resistant to corrosion, meaning it’s pretty durable. This finish matches out with the rugged option and is an excellent choice since you don’t need to keep replacing it now and then. Some powder-coated and chrome plated finishes to enhance the look and style of your truck.

Final Words

Whether you are a road user or an off-road user, you understand the vital role grille guards offer to your truck. The guide above will be much easier to narrow down on the grill guard to purchase for your truck. All the best!


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