How to Choose a Retro Car?


The classic car has much more charm than a modern mainstream vehicle. Retro cars are not just a means of transport, they differ in many ways, which automatically makes them special and allows the owner not only to stand out from the crowd but also to show character and individuality. However, the oldtimer purchase has several distinctive features: the selection and registration nuances, specific operation requirements, maintenance, and insurance. Let’s try to figure out what traps and pitfalls a potential buyer of a retro car may face.

Moments to Pay Attention to

  • You need to decide what you need a car for. Are you going to use it every day or on special occasions? Do you need a cabriolet or are you planning winter trips? You have to find out for yourself whether you want to participate in exhibitions and retro runs and how important is the originality of the design.
  • Think about your purchase budget. A vintage car doesn’t have to be expensive. Many classic soviet cars that can be bought for a very modest price.
  • First of all, you have to decide on the brand and modification. Inspection and troubleshooting of a classic car and diagnostics of a modern car are similar in many ways. However, each model has its own characteristics that it is useful to know in order to avoid problems and significant costs in the use period. When it comes to collectible cars, the focus should be on the originality of the vehicle. Take the time to inspect the body of an oldtimer, check out the load-bearing and power parts of the frame, as well as its geometry. The cost of restoring a retro car can be quite significant. In any case, we recommend preliminary evaluate the costs of repairing or restoring a car before making a purchase. It’s better to buy retro parts from the reliable Avtoclassika Company, which offers only original and high-quality parts (due to them the restoration of the machine will be significantly accelerated).
  • Consider the issue of seasonal maintenance and repair of your retro car. The rarity of the selected specimen is certainly an advantage in terms of investment attractiveness, but it can affect the search for the necessary parts and original components. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the updates of the Avtoclassika Company assortment and purchase the items of interest in time.
  • Think through the storing and preserving of your retro car. The perfect solution is a closed ventilated car park with a controlled temperature regime (it helps protect the vehicle against negative environmental influences).

Benefits of Retro Soviet Car Possession

The advantages are quite obvious. This is the possession of a rare, unique car that cannot be found not only on city streets but also from other collectors. You become the object of attention, admiration, and envy of many vehicle owners when you drive a rare car. There is one more, more mercantile advantage – a profitable investment of funds. A new car gets cheaper every year and a retro car, on the contrary, only gets more expensive every year. If you manage to buy a retro car at an affordable price, be sure that in a few years you will be able to sell it at a more expensive price. Soviet automobile classics are popular not only in the current domestic pipeline but among European and American collectors.

Almost all the cars are still largely modern. A while back they were far ahead of the models presented on the market. Retro means prestige and status. The iconic soviet vehicle is able to show itself with dignity on the road. Such a car cannot be purchased through an advertisement for sale. Many brands are still classified as the most prestigious and beautiful world-class models.

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