How to Choose the Best Body Shop


There are few things as traumatic as being involved in an auto accident. However, once the dust has settled and the initial consequences of the accident have been taken care of, you still have to figure out what to do with your car.

If it was damaged during the accident, where are you going to take it for repairs? Ideally, you would find the best body shop in your area to ensure the job gets done right. But how do you weigh through your options of the local auto body shops?

We want to help. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to find the best auto mechanic for bodywork. Also, click the link to contact the most reputable ute service bodies.

Get Recommendations

There are roughly 5.3 million car accidents in the US every year. While this number is somewhat unsettling, it also means that you aren’t alone in your struggle. Just as importantly, there is probably someone you can talk to who can point you in the direction of the best body shop in town.

Talk to your friends, co-workers, and family members to find out if they’ve recently needed collision repairs on their vehicle. If so, who did they use? Were they happy with the auto mechanic’s services?

Look at Customer Reviews

If you don’t know anyone who’s recently taken their vehicle to an auto body shop, go online and search for the local mechanics in your area. You should find a list of several potential candidates.

Visit each of their sites and social media pages to find customer reviews left by other vehicle owners. You can also use Google to search for reviews using the body shop’s name.

Find out about their prices, timeliness, customer service skills, communication skills, professionalism, and availability. Avoid auto repair shops that have a long list of negative complaints.

Consider Collision Repair Experience and Expertise

Next, it’s important to look into experience and expertise, particularly where bodywork is concerned. For example, a low-cost mechanic might be appealing. However, the results of their work might leave something to be desired.

In our opinion, the best body shop for your needs will be the one that provides the most professional auto body work. Look online for pictures of their work and feel free to ask about their experience in the industry. Additionally, find out what certifications they have for completing auto repairs.

Verify Their Insurance

Finally, before taking your car to an auto body shop, make sure they carry the proper forms of liability insurance. In most cases, auto repair shops will carry garage business insurance.

This policy will protect your interests in the event that accidental damages are done to your vehicle. For example, if the mechanic working on your vehicle breaks a window, cuts a seat, or scratches a different area of your paint, the insurance will cover the repair costs.

Looking for the Best Body Shop?

If you only want the best body shop working on your car, we don’t blame you. Taking your vehicle to an unqualified or inexperienced auto mechanic could have terrible consequences. Follow our guide to find the right collision repair shop in your area.

And if you’re looking for more car advice, look no further. Our blog was created to help car enthusiasts and general vehicle owners alike find answers to their problems. Look through some of our other articles to find more auto-related content.

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