How to Choose the Best Car for the First Time?


The car acquisition is always a long-expected and joyful event, even when it comes to buying a used car. The growth in prices for new cars varied between 3-20% in recent years. Such changes were influenced by the increase in excise taxes, the size of the recycling fee, and the desire of dealers to compensate for the difference in exchange rates. Therefore, there is a clear tendency for the secondary car market’s active development.

First, the person has to think about his/her needs and requirements for the future car. Some look at the price, others try to check the condition of the car (if it is already in use). Many people are sure that it’s better to focus attention on the Soviet retro cars, which not only win hearts with their appearance but also with their capabilities. Moreover, the highly-professional Autoclassic Company offers a great catalog of retro auto parts. It’s possible to find any detail and improve the car according to personal needs and desires. Also, if you are looking for a reputable car shipping and vehicle transport service provider, visit

What to focus on when buying a vehicle?

Body type


These cars usually have 4 doors, 2 rows of seats, and a trunk separate from the passenger compartment with a horizontally located lid. Cars are equally well suited for short city trips and long-distance journeys with luggage.


Imagine a sedan with a large vertical boot lid instead of a horizontal one. The cargo compartment of such a car is combined with the passenger compartment and is often larger than that of a sedan. A hatchback can be the best first car for those people, for whom it is important to have not only an interior for 5 people but also a sufficient supply of space for oversized cargo.

Station wagon

It has a body shape with a spacious interior and a large luggage compartment. The boot lid is like a hatchback (large and vertical). There is a lot of space over the head of the back row passengers in the station wagon. People are not pressed by the descending roof. A car is a good choice for practical people, who do not limit themselves to everyday conditions. Such a vehicle eliminates the need to choose the area for passengers and bulky bags, as the available space is enough for everyone and everything.


It’s a large station wagon with a spacious interior and a high seating position for the driver. Most models have a third row of seats. It is more often removable or can be folded, increasing the volume of the luggage compartment. This car is rather popular for men with a large family or as a corporate vehicle due to its spaciousness and ease of placement.


Mechanical gearbox makes you work with the gear lever and the clutch pedal. The driver has to squeeze the clutch and shift the gear when the required engine speed is reached. It can be perceived as a difficult option for those who are not used to keeping many actions in their head at once (usually everyone who begins to learn to drive is familiar with this type of checkpoint).

Automatic gearbox changes without driver intervention. The clutch pedal has been replaced by a so-called torque converter. It redistributes power from the engine to the box. Each automatic transmission has an electronic control unit. The main task of the automatics is to choose the right gear by changing it using a torque converter. This transmission is perfect for beginners: you get used to it quickly and it does not distract from the road. This is especially important when the driver has a short driving experience and needs to concentrate on the situation around. Some people say that automatic cars consume more fuel but many modern automatic transmissions are economical.

Pick up the best solution, enjoy the driving process, and feel the freedom that the car gives!

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