How to Choose the Best Chevy Dealer near You


When you think about it, getting a new vehicle can be a very tasking job. You would need to consider a lot of things such as the purpose for getting the car and other factors. Knowing your needs would help you research and select some vehicles that would fit these needs. After this, you can now narrow down your choices, and only then can you go to the car dealer.

You may think it gets easier at this point but it doesn’t really. All dealerships may look the same from the surface, however, upon closer look; you will discover that not all car dealerships behave the same. Luckily, if you follow some practical tips, you would be able to make the right choice when you pick a car dealer. If you have narrowed down your search to a particular car brand like Chevy, then you can visit to find out more on how to pick the best Chevy dealer near you.

This article can also help you in your search since it discusses some of these tips to help you pick the best Chevy dealer.

1. Location

The location of the dealership is the initial thing to consider when you are looking for a car dealer. Like the title implies, the tips in this article will help you find the best Chevy dealer near you. This is an indication that distance is a key factor when you are on the lookout for a dealer, especially if you do not have a car yet or you need to trade your old vehicle for a new one.

To narrow down the search, you may carry out an online search for Chevy dealers near you. A vehicle can be bought about anywhere; however, getting a reliable Chevy dealer in your locale should not require you to go too far.

2. Check Their Customer’s Review

Now, you must have a list of dealerships near you that you have been able to gather from your internet searches. Hence, the next step would be to determine if they are reliable or not. The only way to achieve this is to find out what their customers are saying about them. This is made even easier if you do your search online as every piece of information is at the tip of your fingers.

Any dealership worth its salt would have a website that anyone can easily navigate. You can read this to find out how important websites are for companies. Visit the website of the dealerships you have already selected and go to their customer feedback section.

However, we advise that you look outside the website for customer review. This is because no one wants a bad reputation; hence, the websites may not contain any bad reviews. Therefore, making your decision based on the company’s website may be unfavorable to the whole process. You can make use of other sources like Yelp and Google Reviews. Whichever one you decide to use, just ensure you do your homework as best as you can.

A few bad reviews do not mean that a business is not reputable; neither do a few good reviews mean the business is great. The only way to decide is to find out which type of review outweighs the other. If the bad reviews are more, then chances are the company is not reputable, and vice versa.

However, when reviewing the positive feedbacks, ensure you read the longer ones as the shorter ones like “my car is great” and “great” would not give the right pointers. The longer ones, on the other hand, can tell you a lot about the dealership’s customer service, parking, cleanliness, and amenities.

Finally, if the dealer has had some bad reviews and is doing its best to make amends concerning them, then you can consider them.

Find out How Long They Have Been in Business

3. Find out How Long They Have Been in Business

We believe you have narrowed down your search to a few dealers at this point. Therefore, the next thing to do would be to find out how long the dealers you have selected have been in business. If the dealership has been in business for a while, then the odds that they run a great business is high. Why? Because a bad business would not weather the storm of time since they would have a lot of unsatisfied customers.

The dealership’s website “About Us” part will tell you just how long they have been running the business. Other important things you would learn from the section are the business’ core values and the awards they have won if any. These would give you more assurance about their credibility.

4. Consider Their Inventory

The dealership’s inventory typically would change daily; however, checking their online inventory can give you a great idea of the cars you can expect to see at the dealership. If you have decided on the car you want, then you can open the “search” part of the website and find available models that match the one you want.

If you find a vehicle you like during your search, then you can contact the dealer and ensure it is still in stock.

5. Find Out About Perks

Chevy dealers may sometimes offer some perks when a new car is purchased. An important perk that anyone would love to get is a loaner vehicle for situations where your car needs to get serviced. If you lead a busy lifestyle, then this perk may be very handy for you. You should always try to find out all the perks that a dealership can offer you. However, you must note that these perks may have a time limit. Despite this, you get to enjoy them for as long as they are available and this way, you get to save little cash.


Getting a new car may be quite the hustle, and once you have narrowed down the kind of car you want, you may think the job is done. Unfortunately, this is not quite true as you would now be faced with the choice of where to buy your new vehicle from. Luckily, considering a few things like location, dealership’s inventory, available perks, the dealer’s customers’ review, and so on would help you choose the best Chevy dealer near you.

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