How to Choose the Best LED Tube Lights for Garage

Over the years, LED tube lights have grown in popularity, and there are valid reasons for this. These lights tend to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, safe and have a longer lifespan than the transcendent lights we are used to.

When it comes to finding the ideal LED tube lights for your garage, you ought to know that the lighting demands of this room are different from those of other spaces such as the kitchen or living room.

According to Tasha Walker the lighting expert and author of, 4 foot LED garage light fixtures are the best for small and medium size garages. You can visit her blog to know more about it.

To ensure you don’t get it wrong in picking the perfect LED lights for your garage, we have come up with this guide to help you make an informed choice.

Factors to Consider in Choosing LED Tube Lights for your Garage

Now that you want to replace the fluorescent lights in your garage with LED tube lights, it is crucial that you know the features that you should look out for. This will help you find a product that will help turn your workshop into a more productive space.

I) Energy-Efficiency

It is no secret that LED tube lights are more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights. The luminous efficiency of LEDs can exceed 100lm/W, while that of fluorescent lights is about half of this.

So, LED lights will use up less energy, which translates to lower utility bills for you.

II) Safety

Next, look out for a tube light with an external source of power to minimize your chances of coming into contact with the high voltage electricity present at the tube’s ends.

To make your garage more safe you may love to read our another article on how to ensure you make the safest garage for your car.

III) Lifespan

It is easy to find an LED tube light in the market whose lifespan can get to 50,000 hours. This is up to ten times what you would expect from a fluorescent tube, meaning that you’ll replace it less frequently.

IV) Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The CRI refers to the measure of how a source of light reveals the actual colors of items than how a natural source of light would. We recommend going for a unit with a CRI of over 85 since that of fluorescent bulbs ranges between 65-80.

V) Eco-Friendliness

Since most of the fluorescent lights in the market contain substances such as mercury which is toxic to the environment, always go for a light unit with a difference.  Lucky for you, LED lights do not contain any harmful elements, and this makes them entirely friendly to the environment.

FAQs on Garage LED Shop Lights

Can LED lights be used in garage?

Yes, they can. LED lights can be installed in your garage as they are quite durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

LED lights bulbs consume less energy as compared to traditional lamps that use incandescent bulbs. In light of these facts, LED tube lights can be used in garages. Also you can use LED lights in garages for both safety and security purposes.

Do LED lights work in a cold garage?

LED lights can work in a cold garage as long as the power lines and the wiring to the lights are protected. The best way to protect the wiring is to place a heating mat or a thermostat-controlled device on the floor before attaching the lights. LED tube lights are very efficient and durable.

What is the best type of light for a garage?

A great light to install in your garage is LED. LED tube lights are the best because they last much longer than other types of lights and they also use much less energy to run.

How high should exterior garage lights be?

Garage lights are typically placed 6’–8′ above the ground.

Final Verdict

As you can see, LED tubes have numerous advantages over fluorescent lights and would be a reasonable option for your garage. LEDs are very efficient in their energy consumption, and they last quite a long time to ensure you don’t have to think about replacements soon.

Now that you know why we recommend LED tube lights for your garage, your next job involves finding the top brands which won’t disappoint you. Hopefully, this process will be a walk in the park.