How to Choose the Best Luxury Car for Holidays


We all want a perfect package of a good hotel, travelling, and a comfortable vehicle along with us on the trip to enjoy our holidays to the maximum. Just how selecting a great hotel for your trip is important, the right transportation is essential as well. Whether you are looking for a simple airport transfer or a vehicle rental with a dedicated driver for the whole day, getting the best depends on the choices that you make.

In this article, we have put together a brief guide along with some tips on choosing the best of the best if you are looking for renting a luxury car to travel and make your trip quite luxurious and memorable. Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect luxury vehicle near you:

How Should You Choose the Perfect Car According to Your Needs?

The needs of every individual vary, and it has to be fulfilled by a rental vehicle. First of all, you should consider the type of road you will be driving on – will you be traveling on highways with proper planning or exploring undiscovered dirt roads? The type of roads can have a great impact on the selection of a best-suited vehicle.

For even roads, luxury vehicles like Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 would be a perfect choice. For off-road traveling, your best bet would be opting for SUVs (4×4 vehicles) like BMW X5, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne.

The second important thing to be considered is how many persons are travelling with you? Are you travelling with your friends or family? The people count is important in selecting the size of the vehicle so that everybody can be seated comfortably and properly. You should know that larger vehicles consume more fuel that can be costly and also, they are difficult to park and tough to drive on narrower roads. But on the other hand, large vehicles are much safer and comfortable than smaller ones.

if you want to travel with more than 4 persons, you can go for an SUV, and if the number is 4 or less than 4, you can choose any 4-seater luxury car.

Which Model Do You Want?

There are different models that are known to offer the best luxury transportation. It all boils down to what you really want to drive or use during your vacation. In some cases, people may prefer a model they have not driven before. Here are some of the popular models from which you can choose:

        Land Rover/Audi Q7/Cadillac Escalade/Range Rover/ Lexus LX/ Mercedes-Benz GLS – These luxurious beasts balance class and capability. If you would be doing a lot of off-roading, these are some of the best luxury SUVs to select from.

        Porsche – They have both sedans and SUVs that are well-suited to classy appearances both on weekdays and weekends. You can consider Porsche Panamera (sedan) or Porsche Macan/Porsche Cayenne (SUVs).

        BMW – Their luxury sedans and SUVs are the best if you want to enjoy performance and comfort during your holiday travel.  You can consider the BMW 7 series (sedan) or BMW X7 (SUV).

        Ferrari – This is a sports car that will move you quickly in style. If you want to scorch the roads in blazing fast speeds along with your partner, you can never go wrong with a Ferrari. You can consider Ferrari F12tdf, Ferrari 550, or Ferrari California.

To know more about supercars and luxury vehicles, check out this amazing book “Top Marques: Luxury Cars” by Rob Colson.

Consider the Features

You need a holiday that is full of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Even though all luxury vehicles satisfy these desires well, some may appeal more to you. Do some background research on a list of luxury vehicles and look at the leg room, seat comfort and luxury features.

High-end vehicles are well-suited for either exhilarating or relaxing driving. They have customized entertainment devices and much more to offer. Whether you will be driving or enjoying being driven by a chauffeur service, the luxury features will interest you.

Cost of Renting

Generally, renting luxury vehicles for a vacation is expensive. However, you can save a lot if you have the right information about these services. First, comparing prices will let you know the average charges depending on the duration for which you need the car. Some charge by the hour while others charge per day.  Be sure to check out a great service like as an option.

The cost also depends on the model of the vehicle you choose. Ferraris, Bentleys and Rolls Royces are some of the most expensive models, but their best-in-class features are deserving of the expense. If you want models that balance both class and affordability, Mercedes, BMW and Range Rover are the best options to go for.  Be sure to find great options like luxury car rental Paris and others for help.

Make Sure You Read and Accept All the Terms & Conditions Before Renting a Car

Checking your own needs for travelling is important, but it is also necessary to know about the terms and conditions of the car rental company before finally selecting your vehicle for the trip. You may find the exact size and model of the vehicle you want to rent, but there might be some conditions you are not comfortable with, so you must check them too. Here is the basic checklist:

  • Penalties Applicable

Check that if they are charging penalty fees on returning the vehicle late.

  • Rental Service Package

What does the company include in the rental package? Is the vehicle GPS-enabled, and provides a driver (if needed) or road maintenance in case of any problem during traveling?

  • Traveling Restrictions

You should make it clear from the rental company that if they have any restrictions on traveling to some other destination besides the one that has already been committed with them. In other words, do they allow you to travel anywhere?

  • Accountability

How do they manage the legal responsibility of their vehicles? They must inform you about any specific liabilities that can be accountable to you during your journey.

  • Insurance Policy

When you are renting a car, you will definitely be asked if you are interested in buying the insurance policy of the company. You should go for it, as we highly recommend that you should not skip it as this would help you in driving through strange roads of another country/state with foreign rules and regulations.

Also, it will make your traveling quite safe as the rental company linked to you knows all the specifics of the countries, they manage to operate in.

Other Important Considerations

  • When you are booking a lavish car, there is usually a minimum age requirement of 25 or sometimes 30 that you must know.
  • The renting cost of a standard vehicle almost includes unlimited mileage, but this is not always true for some of the top range cars. So, you must check it before renting a car.
  • The fuel costs will be much higher with gas-guzzling sports cars. Also, sports cars are not very comfortable and are less spacious for carrying luggage.
  • A time-saving method of selecting your comfy vehicle for traveling when you have no time to choose according to the above-mentioned information is to ask your friends or family members who have recently used some rental company. Based on their feedback and experiences, it would become easier for you to decide the perfect vehicle for your holidays.
  • If you are still confused about deciding the best car or rental company, you should search the internet for companies nearby and check out their reviews; how previous clients felt about their services and read out their experiences.

Final Verdict

Choosing the appropriate luxury vehicle for your vacation needs is easy with these insights.  After all, it is not an everyday affair. Choose your ideal luxury vehicle to enjoy the vacation fully.  If you cannot decide on the model of the car that you want, contact luxury cars rental where professionals will select the perfect car for your holiday.

We hope that this article has been useful, have a safe journey!

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