How to choose the best machine for you within a limited budget?

Brainstorming on the type of X-ray machine to purchase for your business can be a daunting task.

This statement is especially true when you do not know if there is an X-ray machine that will both fit into your budget and serve your inspection needs at the same time.

But how much does an X-ray machine cost?

This question is what this guide aims to help you answer, along with other essential considerations that you should have in mind when in the market for a new X-ray machine.

But first, let’s briefly consider how an X-ray machine works and what it can do, especially for the quality of your product.

What are X-ray machines?

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit the radiographic department of a hospital for an X-ray scan, then you probably know what an X-ray machine is.

An X-ray machine releases radiations that can reveal the internal state of that object when projected on an object.

So, if you flashed the radiation on a person, you could see their bones and the state of the bone if it is broken or not.

Likewise, for industrial purposes such as X-ray weld inspection, X-ray machines are used to check the conditions of welded joints for both internal and external defects.

But here is the thing. How do you know the most important things to consider when buying an X-ray machine?

We have highlighted below the most important things you should think about if the X-ray machine must fall within your budget while still serving its purpose. So, let’s jump right in.

1. Enhanced Image quality 

For starters, the image quality of an X-ray machine determines how accurate the result will be.

This is because the image produced by an X-ray machine is subjected to analysis and interpretation, and a blurred or not-so-clear image will only result in an inaccurate analysis and imprecise result.

Image quality puts traditional and digital X-ray image worlds apart since traditional X-ray images are either too dark or too light.

With this said, you should have in mind that the better the image quality, the higher the cost of the machine will be.

But in any case, you still need to ascertain the level of accuracy you anticipate for your inspection. This will determine the level of image quality you require and consequently answer your question, “how much does an X-ray machine cost?”

2. Is it simple to use?

Beyond the enhanced image of an X-ray machine is its simplicity of use. This factor is another critical part to ponder when buying an X-ray Machine.

The reason is this.

If a machine is so hard to operate that at every instance, you need to consult the user manual for a specific function, then the work of inspection will be slow.

Also, the cost implication of a complicated machine is high since it will reduce the inspection efficiency significantly and result in low-quality products.

Hence, you will need to consider the ease of use in terms of portability, ensuring that you can carry out X-ray weld inspection no matter the location.

Furthermore, the operation learning curve is another element that determines the simplicity of use for a machine since you must learn many things to use the machine.

Finally, automation enhances the use of the X-ray machine as most tasks are carried automatically, sometimes by just pushing a single button.

However, a high level of automation can significantly increase the cost of the X-ray machine.

So, give good thoughts to the level of automation that will provide value to your inspection without you having to break the banks.