How to choose the right license plate for you


You are unique! You are special! You stand out! And the license plates for your car can be just as unique as you are. Perhaps you are a veteran or are an active military member. Or maybe you’re in college and want to show off your collegiate pride. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a license plate to share your allegiance to your organization or to show off your accomplishments. Check out platesales for custom license plates

The best license plate frames can have not only special graphics that are designed to relate specifically to the organization of your choice but they can also be personalized by choosing the numbers and letters you wish to be displayed on the plates themselves. This is called “personalization”. You can also just choose the graphics that go with your organization or special interest and let the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provide the letter and number configurations, which is called “sequential”. If you choose to personalize your plates you may choose to put your name or nickname. You are free to choose any number and letter combination as long as it is not already an existing plate, is not offensive, and does not contain slang in any language. If you want more flair and style, you can also add a stylish license plate topper to complete the pack.

Now that you have decided whether or not you want to personalize your plate or let the DMV assign the numbers and letters, now you need to focus on what graphic design or what organization you want to have for your plates. Some of the special plate options include the following: agriculture, arts council, coastal commission, firefighter, memorial, veterans, military, college, or pet lovers. There are also plates dedicated to a special recognition you may have received such as being a gold star family, a Pearl Harbor survivor, an ex-prisoner of war, or a Purple Heart recipient, just to name a few. By choosing these special recognition plates you can share your military service with the world.

One thing you need to take into consideration when determining which license plate is the one for you is the time it takes to receive your specialized plate in the mail. Do you need the plate right away? If so, then you should stick with the regular plates provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Regular plates and sequential plates, the ones that the DMV has assigned the number and letter configurations to, take only 4-6 weeks to receive in the mail. The personalized plates, on the other hand, have to be picked up personally at the Department of Motor Vehicles offices and take up to 8-12 weeks before they are ready. So as you can see, if you need the plates quicker then you should let the DMV assign the sequence, but if uniqueness is important and time is not of the essence for you, then it is worth the wait to show off your personalized plates. Make your plates as unique and special as only YOU can be. The choice is yours.

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