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If you are a car owner, then one thing that you ensure is general cleanness and maintenance of your machine. It is crucial to ensure that your car is clean in its interior, just like you always do in the exterior to attract much attention from other people. You can achieve this by learning how to clean car upholstery seat properly.

Cleaning inside your vehicle thoroughly is honestly healthy and at the same time provides peace of mind whenever you are driving. Therefore, it is simple to clean your upholstery seats since there are different techniques that you can use including using car cloth seat cleaner. In this article, am going to take you through simple methods you can use to ensure that your car’s upholstery seats are absolutely clean.

Step by step guide on how to clean your car upholstery seats properly

Cleaning your car’s upholstery seat may seem hectic, especially when you lack a proper technique to use because there are varieties of methods you can use. Therefore, let us begin by describing the methods to enable you to pick your best.

Method one: Spot-Cleaning Stains

  1. Test your stain remover first

At this stage, you need to test first your stain remover before using them to avoid ruining the upholstery.

  1. Pre-treat stubborn stains on the leather

Use a leather conditioner to pre-treat any available stains that have become stubborn over a long time on the leather upholstery. After that, you can now apply a leather that removes stains while rubbing it in. Give it time to settle for 30 seconds and immediately wipe the stain remover off completely.

  1. Remove oily and greasy stains

You can use a car cloth seat cleaner or even a watered-down painter in removing oily stains or greasy like food grease or lipsticks. To achieve this, you can put paint thinner into the cup and add to it the same amount of water as you shake. Alternatively, you can place the cotton cloth into the cup and use it to rub on the stains.

Ensure that you have vacuumed the entire section by sprinkling it with enough cornmeal or salt and allow it to settle for the whole of the night.

  1. Remove any coffee stains

In case there is any spilt coffee in your car, you can use cold water to dilute it and blot it using a towel paper. Next, apply a cleaner glass and allow it to settle for about five minutes. In order to lift the stains, use a towel paper to blot it again.

  1. Remove blood stains

Sometimes, you may find it hectic to remove blood stains. Never try to use soap or hot water because they may set the stains further. Instead, you can soak the cotton cloth into cold water as you blot it on the stains of blood. You can rinse the cloth and blot it again until you see stains lifting.

Method two: Cleaning Vinyl Upholstery

  1. Use vinyl upholstery or glass cleaner

Usually, it is easy and straightforward to clean vinyl seats because messes and spills wipe off immediately. Use a glass cleaner with an all-purpose spray to wipe them down thoroughly using a soft cloth.

  1. Use water and baking soda on vinyl upholstery

At this stage, use a mixture of water and baking soda in cleaning and polishing your vinyl seats. Prepare a paste of the two mixtures and rub them on the upholstery one seat after the other. To complete the task, remember to rinse the seats using the mixture of water and soap.

  1. Clean the seams using a toothbrush

At the upholstery seat, there are some seams where in which the upholstery is sewn together. When not removed, it may attract debris and dirt which may be hectic to remove with a cloth or vacuum. To remove them altogether, you can use a toothbrush while scrubbing using your cleaner.

  1. Clean the floor mats

Grab and remove all the floor mats from your entire car and use cleaners to clean them accurately. However, you need to prepare first all-purpose cleaners by mixing a dishwashing liquid with water in order to clean the entire mats thoroughly. Use warm water to rinse and a microfiber cloth in drying the maths.

Method three: Vacuuming your car

  1. Use a dry/wet vacuum

Usually, a dry or wet vacuum like a shop vac is a handy and powerful machine which is capable of handling varieties of vacuuming tasks. The device features a very long nozzle and cord, making it easier for cleaning the car.

  1. Use plastic attachment vacuum

Some of the vacuums come with plastic attachments which are usually better than metal attachments because when using the metal attachment you might cause scratches on your upholstery more so when you have the vinyl seats or leather.

  1. Move the seats

Any time you intend to vacuum your vehicle, ensure to get into the entire cracks and crevices so that to eradicate any dust and dirt. Recline the car seats so that you can get into the crease of the upholstery seats.

  1. Take out the floor mat

Vacuum the entire upholstery on the car’s floor by only getting below the floor mats so that to make it easier in deep-cleaning of the floor mats.

  1. Vacuum frequently

Usually, the removal of debris and dirt from your car helps in preventing them from the ground into the carpet and seats hence making it in removing the stains. You can vacuum out your car regularly maybe once a month or even frequently if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you clean upholstery yourself?

For the case of fabric upholstery, you can mix ¼ cup of the vinegar with ¾ warm water and one tablespoon for castile soap. Place it into the spray bottle and scrub using a soft cloth until you lift the stains completely.

  • Can I use carpet cleaner on car seats?

You can cloth the car seats and spray all-purpose cleaner and allow it to dry. In case there are set-in stains, you can use a carpet cleaner by spraying it in the stains with a lot of pressure for such stains.


In a nutshell, I hope you have gotten insight information on how to clean car upholstery seats using any of the methods above. Therefore, it is good to ensure that the interior parts of your car are clean all always. Besides, you can as well come up with a schedule of cleaning the car upholstery at least once a month if possible.

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