How To Counterargue When the Defendant Blames You For The Car Accident


Often, after encountering a road accident that results from the negligence of some other driver, victims face the issue of shift blaming. The defendant party tries to shift the blame on you so that the settlement case is rejected. Without proper supporting documents, counterarguing and winning the case become very challenging.

Most accident victims take a long time to recover and are too late to file a lawsuit. Within that period, the opposing party is already many steps ahead and presents vital evidence in court to shift the blame. To avoid such a stressful situation, the wisest way to be on the safe side is to contact an attorney immediately after a car accident.

An attorney will help you avoid unnecessary legal troubles and guide you to counterargue with strong supportive documents against defendants in court.

5 Tips To Counterargue When The Defendant Is Trying To Shift The Blame On You

To counterargue requires courage, confidence, and strong pieces of evidence. Without counterarguments, a car accident case is hard to settle. An accident victim who fails to counterargue can be charged with offenses that they are not responsible for. Therefore, to counterargue is every accident victim’s right. and here are five tips to do it the right way:

1. Hiring An Attorney

The first step to ensuring your counterarguments are strong is to hire an experienced car accident attorney. Let a legal professional participate in the argument and bring strong facts that support your claim of not guilty. No one can guide you better in these cases than an attorney; hence, their presence in court is very important.

2. Having A Police Report

If you have a police report filed immediately after the accident, it can become strong evidence for you to counterargue. Usually, it is better for the victim, who is not guilty of the circumstances, to file a police report first. This helps prevent false accusations and prove innocence.

3. Providing Strong Evidence

Anything attached to the event of the accident can become strong evidence. The evidence can be pictures of your damaged vehicle, the accident spot, pictures of the defendant’s vehicle, the date and time of the event, eyewitnesses, and a lot more. Counterarguments are more reasonable when you provide this supportive evidence during court trials.

4. Presenting Witnesses Or Statements From The Witnesses

Presenting eyewitnesses from the incident or their statements is another way of counterarguing. Witnesses often change the direction of trials and help determine who is guilty.

5. Medical Records That Clearly State You Were Hit

Some medical conditions clearly state that you were suddenly hit by a car. An injury to the head, bone fractures, and many other medical facts can help you counterargue that the accident was unfortunate and not intentional.


Counterarguments can be stressful and make a person without legal knowledge nervous. Therefore, hiring a legal professional who understands the victim’s rights, investigates the case in depth, and tries their best to help the client win the case is better. No one knows the law better than these professionals, so their support is all you need.

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