How to Detail a Car Like the Pros


The average new car price has hit a record high of $47,000. If you’ve just bought an expensive vehicle, the chances are you’ll want to look after it and ensure your car looks its best at all times.

This is when it can be beneficial to learn how to detail a car like the pros. After all, if you can learn techniques from the best in the business, you can save money and get great results by detailing your vehicle yourself.

Fortunately, this is not as tricky as it may seem, and this short guide will explain the tips and tricks that you can use to keep your car looking like it’s just left the showroom.

Let’s dive in and find out more.

Find the Right Car Detailing Location

An often overlooked aspect of auto detailing is your location, but this can have a significant effect on your final results. For example, if you are washing your car’s exterior in hot weather, this can quickly dry drips on your vehicle, which could leave watermarks. Therefore, you need to dry the water as soon as possible with a cloth.

Or, if you are in a dusty area, your vehicle could have too many small particles stuck to the surface that are hard to clean away. If possible, try to detail your car in a sheltered location to make the process easier.

Keep Your Cleaning Materials Close to Hand

If you don’t have all your cleaning materials ready, you could end up having to use your car to drive to the store in the middle of detailing. This could mean your car gets dirty again before you’ve finished the job.

Make sure you set out your all purpose cleaners, microfibre cloths, and products for shining a car before you begin detailing your vehicle.

Clean From the Top Downwards

When detailing a car, starting at the top and working downwards can save you a lot of hassle. This is because any dirt and debris that you dislodge could fall onto the lower parts of your vehicle, and you can then clean them when you reach those areas.

In contrast, if you start cleaning at the bottom, the dirt from the top might fall onto metal and fabric you’ve already washed.

Inspect Your Car From Multiple Angles

After cleaning a car, you may think it looks superb when looking at it from one angle. But, if you move a few yards to one side, you may notice you’ve missed a spot.

Walk all the way around your car and examine it when you are standing and crouching. This can help you identify any areas that need some extra attention.

Learning How to Detail a Car Like a Pro Can Be Enjoyable

When you know how to detail a car the right way, you can enjoy keeping your vehicle in immaculate condition. Remember to choose a sheltered spot before detailing and ensure you have all your cleaning products ready for use. It can also help to start washing at the top of your car and to carry out a thorough inspection before putting your cleaning materials away.

Your car could soon be the shiniest vehicle on your street!

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