How To Disinfect Your Car


Owning a car offers many conveniences and is considered a versatile machine used for various purposes. However, many people don’t give much thought about sanitizing or disinfecting their vehicles. Even before there was COVID-19 to worry about, car owners should invest in keeping their vehicles clean and safe to use.

If you own a vehicle, you likely understand that regular maintenance is vital in order to keep it in excellent running condition. The external surfaces of your vehicle should be washed to remove dust, mud, and grime. Take note that your car’s interior needs disinfecting, too.

Sanitizing your vehicle has many benefits, including the following:

  • Preventing wear and tear or damage to the interiors
  • Eliminating unsightly stains and bothersome odors
  • Increasing or retaining the car’s value
  • Safeguarding the health of the passengers

Thus, disinfecting a vehicle shouldn’t stop at the exteriors. A sanitized interior will also improve your overall driving experience.

Tips On Disinfecting Your Vehicle Properly

Like other car owners, one issue that you’ll encounter in cleaning and sanitizing the interior is whether you’re doing it right. Another main concern when sanitizing the vehicle’s interiors is how to do it without damaging the surfaces.

These simple tips will guide you on how to properly disinfect your car, including how to choose a car disinfection service near you:

Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Car: What To Do 

Like your house, your car needs to be thoroughly cleaned because dirt builds up over time. Sanitizing your car should be done every week to avoid the build-up of dirt, grime, and harmful microorganisms in the cabin.

Here are the things that you should do to clean and sanitize your vehicle:

  • Vacuuming: Work from the top areas first so that dirt and debris that fall off the seats or floors can be vacuumed later on. Utilize the brush attachment on the vacuum’s nozzle to assist in deep cleaning all areas of the car cabin.=
  • Wiping and cleaning: Use soft wipes to clean the areas that are usually touched, such as the steering wheel, armrests, gear selector, inner door handles, climate and audio control system, and touch displays.
  • Disinfect: Use alcohol-based sanitizing sprays to disinfect the high-touch areas of the car’s interiors. It’s best to use products that are specifically designed to clean and disinfect car interiors to prevent unnecessary discoloration and damage.

For worry-free vehicle disinfection, you can also reach out to a professional car detailing service, like Hall of Fame Detail.

Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Car: What To Avoid

If you decide to clean the car interiors by yourself, it would help if you know the things to avoid. These include what chemicals or substances you shouldn’t use when disinfecting the vehicle. Thus, when cleaning your car’s interior, it’s always important to check first the contents of the cleaning materials that you intend to use.

Avoid using any cleaning products that have ammonia, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide as a component. While the said chemicals will kill germs and other unwanted microorganisms, they’re also harsh to the materials used in modern car interiors and your mobile detailing. You also have to leave the substances on the surfaces for several minutes, which may kill germs and bacteria, but will seriously damage the car’s interiors.

It’s also crucial to avoid brushes or cleaning tools that are too tough or abrasive. It’s best to use microfiber cloths and soft brushes to wipe and sweep dirt from the car’s insides.

Professional Car Cleaning And Detailing

Despite the ongoing community quarantine, you still have to take time to maintain your car to keep everything in excellent condition. Even if you only drive for a small amount of time because of the pandemic, you still need to invest in time and resources to sanitize your vehicle. A professional interior detailing may be performed once every quarter or twice a year, depending on how often you use the car.

When choosing a professional service provider to clean your car’s interiors, remember that it should be a company with a proven track record. It would help if you tried seeking referrals or recommendations from trusted friends. Professional car detailing and cleaning is worth it, especially if your goal is to maintain your vehicle’s new car appeal for years to come.


A car that’s well-maintained and meticulously clean is something to be proud of. While cleaning and sanitizing your car is something you can do during your spare time, some people don’t know how to disinfect a vehicle properly. This is where a professional car detailing service comes in.

You only need to locate a reliable and trustworthy service provider to do the difficult job for you. Working with an expert ensures that your car is in good hands, and you’re guaranteed that every nook and cranny is thoroughly disinfected.

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