How To Enhance The Look Of Your New Tesla


It used to be that just having a Tesla would make you stand out. For example, very few were out there when the Roadster was released in 2008. However, over the past decade and more, Teslas have increased in popularity and are much more common on the road. Now, it’s a lot harder to stand out in a crowd since seeing a Tesla happens every day for some people. However, if you have a new Tesla and you want to make a statement, you can always make some modifications that will have onlookers turning their heads.

Teslas already look sleek, but you can make them look even better and possibly add some personality, too. Everyone wants to be an individual, and your car is one way that you can set yourself apart. Tesla has made many options available to upgrade your car, plus aftermarket options will also work. Here are some ideas for enhancing the look of your new Tesla and making it stand out on the streets.

Lowering Kit

You may not even have to make any changes to your Tesla’s appearance. You can simply lower it, and it will be like giving your car a facelift. Lowering a car will make it sporty but also give it some edge. However, it will also change the way that the vehicle handles and drives. With a lower center of gravity, the car will be more stable on the road. As a result, you can drive more confidently and take corners with assertiveness. However, getting a professional to do this work is important since lowering your car too much can cause damage from the road and create problems with performance. Several aftermarket lowering kits are available, but you should get one that will not void your warranty.

Replacement Front Fascia

The front fascia is the first thing people see when a car comes towards them or is backed into a spot. You can dramatically alter the look of your car by changing it up and replacing it. Many Tesla owners choose a front look that is more sporty or one that gives off a luxurious vibe. Replacement front fascias can be painted to any color, so if you were looking to have a splash of something bold or have contrasts between the front and the body, it’s a great option.

Window Tinting

Window tinting for any car provides a mysterious and classy vibe while also providing you with more privacy. When it comes to modifications, window tinting might give you the most bang for your buck. It can change the entire appearance of a car without altering performance or structure. Tesla window tinting comes with even more benefits than it would for regular cars. The right tint will block the sun’s heat. Since a Tesla runs on electricity, the AC uses up the battery. The less heat that comes into the car, the less work the AC has to do to keep the temperature moderated. The less you use the AC, then less often you have to charge up. With the benefit of saving costs, your new look could quickly pay for itself.

Aero Wheels

Tesla offers an upgrade to your wheels that will help the vehicle run more efficiently. It works by making your tires more aerodynamic while pushing water away from the tire’s surface. At the same time, they look and feel like they glide across the road. You can also take off the outer layer of the wheels, and underneath there is a second alloy layer underneath. It’s almost like eight tires for the price of 4. They look amazing and also provide increased handling capabilities because of how light they are. Their weight will also allow you to get more miles per charge.

Interior Lighting

The look of your car is not just on the exterior. The inside is just as important. One popular modification is adding high-quality LED interior light bulbs to the handles, center console, and around the seats. You can also add lighting to the steering wheel. This provides an attractive and welcoming glow when you enter the car at night. It also provides an amazing look to anyone nearby that might see you getting into the car.

Vinyl Headlight Accents

Much like you can contour the shape of your eyes with makeup, you can change the look of your headlights with accents. These will subtly alter the shape of your headlights to give off a different look than what is standard. For example, you can make your headlights look more sporty or aggressive, or example. Some accent kits will also come with built-in identifiers. For instance, if you have a Tesla Y, they will have little Y’s appearing when the lights are on. They can also alter the type of light that is emitted during the day and night so that they are distinctive.

Pedal Covers

Most of the time, the pedals of a car are practically invisible. They are hidden away under the feet and the steering wheel. However, you can get pedal covers that will make them stand out and provide a sleek and modern look. Pedal covers tend to come in brushed aluminum styles with dark or colored ribbing. So while perhaps not too many outsiders will see your upgraded pedals, you can give your car a sense of power and excitement when you get behind the wheel.

Teslas are pricey vehicles, but they are well worth it for many drivers. If you’re going to pay a lot for a car, then you might as well customize it to how you want it. Use any of these enhancements to get your car looking amazing.


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