How To Enjoy Traveling Around Dubai?


Having the opportunity to visit a place as beautiful as Dubai is a blessing itself. With thousands of reasons why this country is a superb one that contains many different cultures, you get to expand your thoughts, learn many interesting things, and enjoy a remarkable adventure every day. Even though most people had their plans only to visit this place, we see thousands of them living happy lives in the UAE. Traveling around Dubai isn’t a challenging task to enjoy. As it has superb public transport with a high0tech network that allows you to meet this country’s beauty anywhere you admire.


Taking the metro is a chance you get to enjoy anywhere. But in the UAE, it introduces you to a whole new level of joy. It consists of two lines, the red and green ones. With 49 stations, you can almost go anywhere in the UAE riding the train. At the same time, enjoy an enjoyable adventure of viewing the UAE’s skyline on the way. Each train is divided into three sections. The gold section is only for women and children, meaning men are not allowed inside. The Silver class is for both men and women. Even though it costs an AED 100 fine to get into a section where you’re not allowed, tourists are usually forgiven easily by simply asking them to get to the right area. Basically, it’s all about being organized, comfortable and happy on the way.

Car Rental

If you’d like to add a luxurious touch to your adventure in the UAE, renting a good-looking car might be the best option. As it allows you to have a spectacular time on the roads of this country, you get to appreciate getting lost in between all the unique places that this area includes. You can ride your favorite Nissan Patrol rental Dubai with several rental agencies for the best prices. Unlike other countries, this place offers a wide selection of breathtaking vehicles for unbeatable prices.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking an SUV, luxury, sports, or economic model; everything is possible. Despite the unique feelings you can enjoy behind the wheel of your favorite car model, the UAE’s streets are very organized; even in heavy traffic, nothing can stop you from having maximum fun. Basically, riding a car in this place is a chance you get to admire.

Cruise Around

Another fascinating transportation method you would admire is cruising around in a boat! Avoid the heavy traffic of Dubai and enjoy some relaxation while meeting this area’s most outstanding views while riding a boat! With about 43 stations around the coastline, you can go anywhere you want and enjoy a spectacular adventure of watching the skyscrapers from the side. Whether riding a water taxi or bus, you’ll find the joy you’re seeking quickly in such an experience.


Never get late for the fun of traveling around this city with the strictly fixed timing of buses. Each bus stop is equipped with air conditioning and a mini kiosk, making your waiting period pleasing. The interesting fact is that even the inside of buses is organized. The first three seat rows are only for children and women, payments are made with Nol cards, and you can exit by pressing the driver’s notifications button next to the back door. Unlike other countries, buses are not that heavy with people. As there are many different transportation methods in the UAE, you can enjoy traveling around without facing heavy traffic.


The great thing about taxis in the UAE is that it’s highly organized. All of them come in the shade of beige, but each company has a different top color. For example, those with a pink roof are mainly for women. It’s also easy to order a taxi as you can either order one by contacting an agency or order one online, simple as that! At the same time, using this method is cheaper than renting a car and more comforting than using public transportation such as buses. If you’re seeking to enjoy an excellent experience around the easy with ease each day, you need to consider this transportation method.


It might seem fun to travel around this charming area using a bicycle, but it isn’t as easy as you’d think. It can be an enjoyable experience to take a ride now and then around the beach or the park, but facing the heavy traffic of Dubai in hot weather isn’t a pleasant thing. There are many places where you can rent your bicycle in this place for fair prices for a ride with your friends.

It’s highly recommended to do such activity early in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is no longer hot. This is a fun way to enjoy your experience, but never for transport around the UAE! Especially since this country isn’t a small place. It’s big enough for you to get tired quickly.

Admire the Views

It doesn’t matter which transportation method you pick to use; each of them comes filled with remarkable views that you would admire. If you’re in the UAE on a business trip or a vacation, having some fun is always an option! Pick a road, ride along in your car, or go for a public transportation one and enjoy a lovely view along the way with the skyscrapers and skyline.


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