How to Ensure You Make the Safest Garage for Your Car


Cars are expensive.

Think about it — Your car is likely one of your most expensive possessions. So, it makes sense that you should do all you can to protect it and keep it safe from the elements, as well as theft.

Storing it in a garage is one of the best ways to do so; however, not all garages are created equally.

Keep reading to learn some tips for outfitting your garage that will enhance your car’s longevity.

Hire a Top-Notch Contractor to Build It

You do not want just anyone to build the garage that will store your car. You will want to ensure you hire a contractor who is well trained through a program like those offered at It would also be best if they had experience building garages.

Commissioning a contractor to build your garage will allow you to control all its specifications and include all your desired features.

If you let someone without high-level credentials construct your garage, then it is much more likely that you will encounter structural issues that could damage your car. You would not want an inexperienced contractor to build your house, so don’t let one build your garage either.

Install Security Measures

Once you get your garage built, you will need to make sure that it is secure. One of the biggest threats to cars is that they are often vandalized or stolen. This issue becomes even more prevalent for expensive cars because they have higher resale value.

If theft is of significant concern for you, then you should especially consider installing the following security measures.

Alarm System

While many people have alarm systems for their homes, few extend that protection to their garages too. However, doing so will give you comprehensive peace of mind when it comes to your car’s safety.


If a full alarm system is outside of your budget, then you should at least consider locking all doors and windows that lead into your garage. If your garage door is motorized, then it is likely too difficult to move without the remote; however, it never hurts to enhance your security even further by adding locks. If you are going out of town, you should consider unplugging the automatic opener to make it even harder for potential thieves to make their way inside.

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights can serve as an effective deterrent for thieves. If thieves do not think they will be able to escape in the dark of night with their loot, then they likely will not even try. However, you should ensure that these lights are installed out of reach of potential trespassers who may try to dismantle them.

Mount Blinds or Privacy Film

Blinds can serve several purposes in terms of protecting your car in your garage. First, like motion-activated lights, they can also deter thieves because often, a thief will not try to break in if they do not see something they want to steal.

Second, blinds can also help to protect your car from damage from sunlight. While this feature will not help your vehicle, blinds are also visually pleasing and can add some curb appeal to the garage. With both aesthetic and functional benefits, blinds make an excellent addition to your garage windows.


If you have a garage, the odds are that your car spends a reasonable amount of time in it. This fact means that spending time and energy making it safe is a good investment. Taking care of your garage makes all the time and energy you spend maintaining your car worth it.

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