How to Fix Bumper Scratches?


How we save our cars from getting scratches by carefully parking them, not going to let anything come near to our beloved cars that will ruin the looks. No matter how much you care but scratches seem inevitable, be it from the rouge shopping bag, teething puppy, or a mischievous bypasser.

What are you going to do if the car bumper is scratched? probably head to the repair shop and pay hundreds of dollars. What if we tell you that you don’t have to go to the repair shop to fix the bumper scratches unless it’s severe. We will be guiding you on how to fix bumper scratches yourself. But you can also click the link if you want to avail yourself of the most trusted and professional mobile scratch repair melbourne.

How to Fix Bumper Scratches?

You can rehab damage on your own without having your car taken to the professional. Fixing a bumper scratch from a professional will not only cost you money but they will also keep your car for a day or two. Here’s how you can fix it yourself.

Material Required

You require the following materials to start the process

  • A spray can of factory-matched paint
  • Automotive spray primer
  • Automotive spray clear coat
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Buffer Pad
  • Masking Tape
  • Cleaning towel
  • Wax and grease remover
  • Scratch-filling putty

Apply Masking Tape Around the Damaged Area

Put the masking tape around the damaged area that will separate the damaged section from the other area where you do not want to apply spray paint.

Sand the Scratched Area

Sand the affected area using 180 grit sandpaper using firm pressure. Sand it till the scratches are smoothed out or leveled. Wipe the sanded area till it’s evened out.

Fill Scratches with Scratch-Filling Putty

If you find any stubborn scratches that are not smoothed out with the sandpaper, apply an even coat of the scratch-filling putty. Give the coat 30 minutes to dry. Sand the damaged area once again to level the surface.


Scuff with a scuff pad about ten inches above the damaged area. This will help paint stick to the surface for a longer period.

Apply the Automotive primer

Suit up, put on gloves and mask, you are about to begin the real process. Keep the primer three inches from the bumper and apply the first layer. A two minutes pause before applying the second heavier layer. Apply the third coat to make sure you have covered the affected area.

Paint the Bumper

Sand the surface primer to smooth the surface and make it prepare for the paint. Keep the paint spray at a distance of 10-12 inches and apply multiple coats of paints. Paint in a sweeping motion and give 15 minutes between each coat for the paint to dry.

Clear Coat Application

Once the paint is dried, apply a thin layer of clear coat. Keeping the distance of 5 inches from the bumper, apply two coats, and give each coat 15 minutes to dry.

If everything is done right, your bumper should look good as new. An optional step is to spray one coat of bending solvent to make amends for any mistake you made during the whole process. You could also search for scratch repair near me and save your time.

In brief, if the damage is severe ask the help of a professional. Get help from the professionals by searching for Bumper Repairs Brisbane or Scratch repair Brisbane.

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