How to Get The Best Multi-Car Insurance Policy


Finding the best car insurance policy can be tricky for anyone, but even more so when you have multiple cars you need to insure.

That’s why so many drivers are opting for a multi-car insurance policy, to get the right coverage for the cheapest insurance premiums.

But how can you find the best multi-car insurance policy?

Read on to find out where to get the best policy, and what it entails for you and your cars.

Where can you get the best multi-car insurance policy?

The best multi-car insurance policy will be one that gives you the extensive coverage you need for each of your cars, as well as an easy and manageable policy that’s simple to adjust.

There are many policies available, so it’s important to do your research and find the best provider for you and your car, not just the first one you come across.

Also, your insurer should offer you multi-car discounts. This means that for every car you add to the policy, you’ll receive discounted premiums. This even includes the original car on the policy, to which the discount is applied once you add a second car.

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What is multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance allows you to insure several cars you own, all under one policy.

With standard insurance policies, you’d need to take out one policy per car, and naturally, this means several policies if you have multiple cars you need to insure, as well as multiple renewal dates to remember.

With multi-car insurance, however, you get the same level of coverage for the same cars as you would with individual policies, except it’s all covered under one policy.

This means full customization and coverage flexibility, but with the ease and smoothness of one policy to manage, instead of several.

To take out a multi-car insurance policy, you simply need to contact your chosen insurance provider – see above for where to find the right one – to start your quote.

Just like you would with any other policy, you’ll need to enter several details regarding you and your driver history. On top of that, you’ll need to add the cars you want to be included on the policy.

There are few things to remember when taking out your policy:

  • It may differ with each provider, but the common limit on the number of cars allowed on a multi-car insurance policy is usually four.
  • All the cars included on your policy must be under your name (as the policyholder). This means you cannot add any policies for other people in your household – family, friends, etc. – if the car is registered in their name.
  • Each of the cars must also reside at the same address as you. This means that even if you have another car in your name, if it’s being used elsewhere and is registered to another address (such as in another state, for example), you cannot include it on the policy.

Once you’ve added the cars to your policy, you’re practically ready to go.

Also, there may be instances where you want to add another car to your policy or update a car that has been swapped or traded. This is simple to do, just contact your provider to amend any important details for your cars.

This applies to your cars’ coverage too. Just because everything’s under one policy, it doesn’t mean each car has to have the same coverage. For your more valuable cars that you drive often, you can add as much coverage as you want. At the same time, for any cars you’re not too worried about protecting excessively, you can add the basic coverage.

With the right insurer providing your multi-car policy, you’ll have all the coverage you need at the best premium prices available.

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