How To Get the Right UTV Exhaust System

Gear up for an unforgettable off-road adventure with the latest UTV exhaust system and other side by side parts. Navigate the wide world of exhaust systems to find out how these components work and why you might need a new system. Give your engine the air it deserves as you plow through muddy paths or take on hilly terrain.

How UTV Exhaust Works

A UTV exhaust works very similar to any other combustion engine exhaust system. It’s basically a series of pipes that direct the exhaust gases away from your engine and out the back of your UTV. It starts with an exhaust manifold, which funnels gasses through a catalytic converter and muffler before heading out the tailpipe. This entire setup achieves four benefits:

  • Improved airflow
  • Reduced noise
  • Directed fumes
  • Reduced emissions

Diverting exhaust fumes away from the engine allows your UTV to draw in new air through the air intake. Improved airflow mixes with fuel and gives you the horsepower you need. If your exhaust is clogged or inefficient, you may experience reduced engine performance.

Pull your muffler off and see how loud your UTV engine really is. Mufflers use a set of interior baffles to redirect the sound and muffle the total noise. Most drivers think a larger muffler will reduce the sound even more, but the actual noise difference comes from the amount of design of the internal components.

Stand behind a UTV for a minute and you’ll be thankful for your exhaust system. A face full of fumes isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, so your exhaust system pipes it all back safely behind your ride.

Finally, many UTVs come with catalytic converters. This discrete part uses a honeycomb of platinum and rhodium to create oxidation and reduction. The result is turning nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen.

Before swapping out your muffler, tailpipe or entire exhaust system, determine which of these features you wish to improve. This will guide you to shop for a particular part or to update the entire system to enjoy aftermarket performance, noise and emissions control.

How To Find the Right UTV Tires

Once your engine is breathing easily, it’s time to swap out those stock tires. UTV tires come in a wide range of options, so it can be difficult to find the perfect set of rubber for your ride. Be sure any tire you choose comes in the correct diameter and other measurements, otherwise you may need spacers or a lift kit to accommodate the larger tire size.

You can’t go wrong with all-terrain tires, as these aggressive options come with a great balance of traction for most driving conditions. If you’re preparing for a demanding trail, you may need a set of tires that fit your route. Look for snow, mud, sand or road-ready tires to personalize your UTV and get an edge over other off-road warriors.

Shop online to enjoy tires, exhaust systems and other great aftermarket upgrades. Don’t settle for a generic or inefficient UTV, but take the next step in convenience and performance by shopping online.