How to Improve Air Quality in Your Car


Have you been looking for how to improve the quality of air in your car? You may not have to look farther for a solution because an air purifier can be the solution you have been looking for.

But, what causes air pollution in vehicles? We have come across many car owners who are looking for how to reduce air pollution caused by vehicles.

In this content, we will take you through the possible causes of air pollution in your car. We will also show you how you can use a car air purifier to reduce pollution.

What Causes Air Pollution in Vehicles?

Your car has an Air Conditioner, but that doesn’t mean that it may not be polluted at one time or the other.

In case you have been wondering about how that comes about, here are some of the potential causes of air pollution in your car:

1. Number of Passengers

As much as this sounds a bit funny, the truth is that the number of passengers can increase the unhealthy and revolting smell in your car.

For example, if you have up to five passengers in your car, there are increased chances that the circulation of air in the vehicle will be limited compared to how free it could have been when the passengers are few.

2. Accumulated Particulate Matter

The other reason why air pollution is rampant in some vehicles is because of the accumulation of particulate matter.

The accumulation is usually tenable in instances where the drivers had driven the vehicle through congested and large cities. Therefore, the risks are higher because the car cabin tends to accumulate levels of gases and particulate matter because of the long drive.

3. The Windows

The car’s windows have a role to play in the circulation and recirculation of polluted air within the car.

As much as opening and closing the windows at intervals is ideal, the way you go about may increase the risks of polluted air. For example, if you left the window open in a polluted environment, it is already clear that the polluted air will find its way into the car.

4. Traffic Congestion

If you’re stuck in traffic, the chances of polluted air filtering into your car tend to be higher.

That is because each of the vehicles in the gridlock has some revolting smell that is released into the air. That way, you will be contributing the pollution and emission from your vehicle and receiving the same from the other vehicles.

How to Tackle Air Pollution in Cars

What can be done to increase the quality of the air in your car? Here are some of the proactive steps to tackle air pollution in vehicles.

Use an Air Purifier

Using an air purification system should be the first thing that comes to mind. The reason is that the work of the unit is to clean the air of the harmful and airborne pollutants.

Of course, you needn’t bother about the size of the traditional air purifiers. There are many compact designs out there that you can fit into a vantage spot in your car to clean the air.

Close Your Car Windows

The rule of thumb is to close your car windows when you are in traffic congestion or when you are stopped in traffic lights. That way, your car wouldn’t be infiltrated with the several airborne particles and pollutants within the environment at the time.

Drive on Less-Busy Roads

Would you like to keep getting fresh air when you drive? You might want to drive through less-busy roads because you wouldn’t be avoiding the submicrometer particles from vehicle emissions.

Final Words

Your car can have cleaner and fresher air when you use the tips we just shared to get rid of car pollution faster than you imagined.

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