How To Keep Your Jeep Looking Brand New?

Jeeps are undoubtedly some of the best-made cars globally. They are made to withstand rugged terrain. This doesn’t, however, make them immune to damage. You get better results when you employ preemptive maintenance if you intend to keep your vehicle looking as good as new.

As a Jeep owner, maybe enjoy regularly cleaning and vacuuming your vehicle. A clean car is not the same as a car that looks brand new, though. With all the cleaning products and solutions in the industry, car owners still struggle to maintain their cars’ new look.

You may want to keep your vehicle looking new for a couple of reasons, including wanting to sell it soon. Sometimes the cause is as simple as appreciating the aesthetic that a new car presents. Before implementing different maintenance practices, there are things that you need to avoid because they are known to damage cars.

1. Poor tire maintenance

You wear down your treads and waste fuel when you drive your Jeep without adequately inflated tires after playing your favorite Uptown Pokies games. If they are far below the correct inflation level, you will be moving on the treads toward the tire’s exterior. Furthermore, it will negatively impact your Jeep’s braking and handling.

In extreme circumstances, your tires may blow out as you cruise on the highway. This is risky as it could damage the car’s body, and you might also get injured. So ensure your tires are always inflated to the recommended level and if they are worn out, replace them with new ones.

2. Baking tour dashboard

One thing that will make your Jeep look old and dull is sun damage to the dashboard, which is why sunshades exist. When you leave your dashboard at the mercy of the elements, it will eventually fade, blister, crack or get some other type of damage because of harsh sun rays.

Fortunately, sunshades are inexpensive, even though they are great investments. Unless your car is always in the shade, which is highly improbably, consider using one each time the temperatures are high or your car is in the sun.

3. Driving extremely fast

Driving too fast has many negative implications, including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians getting killed or injured, or you could get ticketed. Besides, your tire treads will bear the brunt when you have to break more abruptly and harder when driving way above the speed limit.

When you’re on the road, keep some distance between you and the next driver and train your eyes to scan the road ahead to avoid emergency braking.

Top car maintenance tips

If you are determined to keep your vehicle’s brand-new appearance, here are some tips on how you can achieve that.

1. Maintain your interior

Most people pay more attention to their car’s exterior at the expense of the interior. However, if you want your vehicle to look fresh, you must also pay attention to the interior. If your car has a detachable roof, this point is more critical. That is because dirt and grime do find their way into your vehicle.

If you fail to maintain your interior, the dirt that infiltrates the interior eventually damages your leather seat linings and surfaces. It could even be worse if your interior is made from a different material, such as suede or vinyl. To combat this, always clean your inner linings and seats to keep them looking fresh by frequently spraying an interior spray detailer.

Also, wipe down the dust regularly to keep it from settling and damaging your cabin in the long run. Lastly, you should regularly take your car to an auto body shop for professional and more intensive cleaning.

2. Spray your cleaning products onto a towel

While cleaning your car, it is a good idea to apply your cleaning products onto a towel rather than using them directly on the interior or exterior of your vehicle. Direct application is not a good idea as it may damage your vehicle surfaces over the long run, causing it to look dull and old.

Using a towel allows you to control the amount of product, and you end up using the right amount when cleaning. Additionally, spraying or applying your products on large surfaces can get messy, and having a soft towel will help solve this issue.

3. Limit the amount of product

When applying the last layer of cleaning product, ensure that you use the right amount. This will offer your car the right level of protection and disinfection. Refrain from using too much product; instead, always use the amount recommended by the product manufacturer.

Using excessive cleaning products will be a waste of money as you must keep replacing the finished products. It can also be time-wastage when you have to spend hours taking off the thick layer to avoid getting unsightly marks.

The bottom line

There are several other ways to keep your car looking sharp, from waxing to using clay bars. Remember that cleaning your car more frequently will be more effective than thoroughly cleaning it after a long period.

Since cleaning is among the essential elements of maintaining your Jeep, always use the proper practices. Follow these tips, and your car will look like you just drove out of the showroom.