How to Know RTO Vehicle Information Online With Easy Steps


Vehicles have made it incredibly easy and efficient to travel great distances. They also offer an excellent mode of transport within the city too. However, as is seen with any heavy machinery, a car needs to be operated with immense responsibility. So, when you are a witness to a road rage incident or a collision where the perpetrator flees the scene of accident, you are left wondering if there is a way to check vehicle information and get the perpetrator to book.

Fortunately, there is a simple way which you can use and get the complete RTO vehicle information online.

What is the best way to get vehicle information in India?

According to our experts, there are several renowned online sources for getting vehicle information in India. History, which can be accessed at Vehicle History is one of the highest recommended websites to get complete information about any vehicle, especially when you are willing to buy a used car in India.

The History portal is a platform designed to provide users with extensive details about the past of any vehicle registered within India. This tool is extremely helpful as users can check the previous performance of any car, bike or scooter from the country. The History portal also provides users with a history report and generates a certificate of history too. This certificate is useful for checking the history of the vehicle online. The complete history report of any vehicle is important for buyers and sellers alike. W

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Sellers are benefited when they generate history certificate of their vehicle so that they can show transparency when it comes to disclosing information about their vehicle’s past to the buyers. On the other hand, a History certificates provide buyers with a single source of detailed information about the vehicle’s past.

History is India’s most comprehensive repository of information on registered cars, bikes and scooters within India. The certificate generated by History is today known as a Vehicle Information Report and become a must-have for buyers and sellers of used vehicles.

How to get vehicle information online?

You can easily get comprehensive vehicle information online using the History web portal. There are two simple steps to get the complete background information on any vehicle using the History web app:

  1. Access the official website at Vehicle History
  2. Enter the vehicle’s registration number in the slot given on screen and hit “Check History” button

These two simple steps will get you the entire background information of the vehicle within 10 seconds. Users can easily get the History Certificate generated which can be shared or downloaded for free too.

The History app’s database has information on over 200 million vehicles, out of the total 220 million vehicles registered all across the country. The information is gleaned from over 1,000 RTO offices, consolidated from numerous authorized sources. The app enters and stores information of almost 60 lakh new vehicles every day.

What are the benefits of using online sources to get vehicle information?

There are numerous benefits and advantages of using History to get details of any registered vehicle within India. Some of the top benefits of using History for vehicle information are:

  • Immense information – The History database stores information on more than 200 million cars, scooters and bikes currently operating in India and registered with any of the thousands of RTOs across the country.
  • Real time updates – The History web portal stores information of nearly 60 lakh new vehicles daily.
  • Several parameters – The History app takes into account over 50 parameters with detailed information on every parameter for the selected vehicle.
  • Authentic check – History web portal is ideal to check the authenticity of used vehicles in India for pre-owned vehicle buyers. This is a great way to know whether the vehicle in question has any pending fines or has been in an accident.
  • Ownership – The History web portal is also an excellent way to check the ownership history of any vehicle as it discloses the number of owners that the vehicle has previously had.


The History app from is one of the most preferred sources to get vehicle information online. It is the easiest way for sellers to ensure that the buyer gets all relevant information and assure the buyer of the authenticity of the sale.

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