How To Lower Commuting Costs


Most people are told that they should buy a better house, new car or even get a different job. However, all of these things will likely cost a lot of money, especially if you try to do all at the same time. As a result, you should consider ways to reduce your commuting costs. It is possible to make a couple of minor changes that will actually add up to a significant amount over time.

We will now look at 8 ways that you can actually save cash while commuting.

1. Prepare your coffee at your home

This will help you to avoid extra trips and stops. It will also save you cash as well as time when you prepare your own homemade coffee since you won’t need to sit and wait in the drive thru, spend money on coffee or waste gas while waiting on your coffee to be made. This can save you tens of pounds a week according to

2. Take a closer look at your work schedule

Be sure to consider all of your options at work. Check if you can work from home or even change your schedule. There are some people who choose to work longer hours so that they can work less days per week. There are others that also change the days they work.

3. Ensure all of your tires are all inflated

It is possible to save money by ensuring your car’s tires are well inflated according to the manufacturer. When your tires aren’t inflated enough you’ll actually lose gas mileage.

4. Slow down

Even though driving fast might get you to work sooner, this can easily cause an accident to happen or you may even get a ticket for driving too fast. Also, when you drive a bit slower this also reduces your fuel bill.

5. Maintain your vehicle

In order for your car to burn gas more efficiently and lower the risk of mechanical issues, make sure to maintain it regularly.

6. Look at your transit options

Once you live in an area that has various transit options such as the subway, train, bus etc, then you should definitely use them. This can help you to save a lot of money since you won’t need to pay for gas.

7. Carpool

When you share a car with your coworkers, this helps to reduce costs since everyone can take a turn driving.

8. Share your vehicle with your significant other

In the event that you and your significant other use two vehicles to get to work separately, you should consider sharing one car. Simply use the most fuel efficient vehicle or even use different cars on alternating days.


Here we discussed about how to lower your commuting cost. We hope that these ways will reduce your expenses.

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