How to make sure your car lasts through 2022


You may not be looking to buy a new car in the year of 2022, and if so, you may be planning on sticking with the same motor you already have. Well, if you are going to be driving your current car for the upcoming year, it is essential that you ensure it lasts.

So, here is our guide on how to help make sure your car remains in great shape throughout the 12 months ahead.

Keep your car serviced

This may seem an obvious tip to give, but car servicing and check-ups are quite commonly overlooked by many drivers.

Nowadays, cars can easily surpass their scheduled servicing without the driver even realising this is the case. But by avoiding car servicing, you’re not doing any good to your engine. Not only will a well-kept and serviced motor be likelier to last longer, but it will also perform its function more effectively and be a lot more fuel efficient. Also, by servicing your car and maintaining its performance, you will be able to maintain the best possible resale value.

You can – of course – get your car checked up at any reputable garage. But when you are looking for a complete service or MOT in Thurrock, Essex, we humbly suggest you have little reason to look further than our own team here at Advanced Service Centre.

Check fluids and stay topped up

Cars have many sensitive and intricate mechanical components that rely on fluids such as oil, coolant and transmission fluid to operate normally and effectively. These easily forgotten-about car parts and components can suffer irreversible damage if you don’t keep track of and check your fluid levels and top up on a regular basis.

Whether it be engine oil, brake fluid, coolant or power steering fluid: it is vital that you ensure all of your car’s fluids are topped up and replenished to avoid any serious problems during 2022.

Regularly change filters

It is a matter of great importance to make sure you change and replace your car’s oil filter and air filter on a regular basis, as they clog with time and use, becoming less effective as a result. Both of these filters should be replaced from time to time, and here at Advanced Service Centre, we can do that job for you to help keep your vehicle on the road for longer.

Maintain and check tyres

A car’s wheels and tyres are probably the most essential component of its function – after all, the wheels are what allows a car to move. Tyres hold your vehicle to the ground, with the fuel, acceleration, mileage, brakes, and driving all depending on them.

It is therefore crucial to examine your tyres regularly and check for signs of low inflation pressure, excessive wear, uneven wear patterns and any other noticeable wear, as these can all indicate your tyres are in need of rotation, alignment, or even replacement in the worst case.

We also urge you to take some time to ensure your tyres are kept at the appropriate pressure, as maintaining the suitable tyre pressure keeps your tyres in good condition for longer and improves fuel efficiency.

Do you have questions about any of the above aspects of maintaining your vehicle in the months and year to come, or would you like to book that crucial service or MOT? Whatever your situation and needs right now, our team here at Advanced Service Centre is available to answer your queries.





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