How to Make Your Vehicle Feel Like a Luxury Car?


Luxury cars are expensive. This means that they are limited and owned by a few. Not everyone can afford that but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy more or less the same luxuries in your vehicle. Luxury vehicles are equipped with advanced technology and features related to safety, driving, and comfort. 

Even though some are integrated, which makes them relatively impossible to install in every vehicle but why not try the few others? Let’s take a look into how you can make your vehicle feel like a luxury car.

How to Make Your Vehicle Feel Like a Luxury Car Everyday

Install a Clear Bra

How to make your vehicle feel like a luxury car everyday is a popular question amongst car owners and fanatics. Installing a clear bra is one of many things you need to consider. A clear bra is a paint protection film that is designed to protect the vehicle’s paint against chips and scratches while adding gloss and shine to the entire vehicle. 

Installing a clear bra requires detailing the vehicle thoroughly and then allowing the film to cure so that it can bond properly to the vehicle. Furthermore, you should always opt for a certified installer who knows his way around paint protection films. 

Install Cameras

Although the majority of vehicles today come with factory-installed cameras but sometimes they are not enough. Most companies offer one or two depending on the variant. If you opt for a simple variant, do not expect to have more than one factory-fitted camera in your vehicle. 

The good news is that you can get aftermarket cameras installed, increasing the visibility while parking in tight spaces and feeling that your car is nothing less than luxurious. 

However, you need to know that installing a camera system requires a navigation or DVD setup. You might have to spend a bit of money but that will increase the overall value of your vehicle as well. 

Add a Tire Pressure Mounting System

There was a time when you had to inspect the tires for determining tire pressure. But it was nothing more than a wild guess. However, the addition of a tire pressure mounting system in luxury vehicles has eliminated the guessing game. Today, you can easily check the air pressure in each tire with a single button. 

The addition of a tire pressure monitoring system will keep an eye out for low tire pressure. Keep in mind that adding a tire pressure monitoring system can be expensive depending on the complexity of the sensors and wires. If possible, go for a wireless Bluetooth-based setup that is going to be more affordable. 

How to Make Your Vehicle Feel Like a Luxury Car Brand

Put on Seat Covers

How to Make Your Vehicle Feel Like a Luxury Car?

Believe it or not, seat covers play a huge role in uplifting the interior game of your vehicle. Even though luxury vehicles have top-notch fabric installed but you can opt for a relatively cheaper material that will give your vehicle a luxurious feel.

One thing you should remember while opting for seat covers is that you should consider their cleaning and maintenance. Although leather covers tend to upgrade the looks but cleaning them can be difficult. Therefore, select a material that balances luxury and ease of maintenance. 

Install Floor Mats

You might have thought that installing floor mats might not make any difference. But have you ever seen a luxury vehicle without one? There is a reason that floor mats are installed apart from allowing you to rest the feet. Floor mats are one of the simplest additions to a vehicle but make a huge difference. 

You can color match the floor mats with the theme of the interior so that the inside appears color coordinated. Instead of going with the usual rubber mats, opt for fabric ones. You can have them custom-made too by choosing a color of your liking along with the size. 

Correct the Paint

The paint is the most important factor when it comes to making your vehicle feel like a luxury vehicle. No matter how many features or systems you install in your car, no one is going to value them if your vehicle from the outside is simply trash. In such cases, you should focus on correcting the paint first and then add features.

Correcting the paint is not only about turning heads but also increasing the value of the car. Once the paint has been corrected, you can add minimalistic touches like pinstripes to make your vehicle stand out. Do not go overboard with pinstripes, just select the one that seems most modest. 

Change the Rims and Wheels

If there is anything that gives the vehicle a luxurious look from the outside, it is the type of rims and wheels. The thing with rims is that you can either go right or very wrong if you happen to find a mismatch. Choosing the right rims is not easy as it seems. You can consider the shape, design, color, and type of vehicle. Then, comes the appropriate size and type of rims you should go for. 

As a general rule of thumb, do not deviate much from the original size and opt for something easy to clean and maintain. Rims featuring numerous spokes make it relatively difficult to clean. 

Final Word

Making your car look and feel luxurious requires prioritizing and focusing on the value points. Initially, your focus should be correcting the paint, upgrading the suspension, and everything else that makes the vehicle soundless and appear extra well-maintained. Once you are done with that, you can move onto adding features and systems that will take your car to the next level. 

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