How to Pack for Motorcycle Touring


The whole point of motorcycle touring is getting out into the open air and being free. The fewer things you bring along, the better, up to a point. Some items will be very convenient to have on your journey. When you pack for a motorcycle trip, you need to think about where you are going and what you will do when you get there, and what you need along the way. After generations of motorcyclists have ventured out on the open roads, several items stand out as being useful. Here are a few things that you should consider.

  • Gear: You won’t be packing this–you will be wearing it; nevertheless, you will need to have it along. Make sure you have your helmet, gloves, boots, leggings or other leg protection, and a stout jacket. Check out Wheels Motorcycles to see all the latest in motorcycle wear.
  • Papers: Papers are light, easy to stow, and easy to leave behind. When traveling, you will often need your ID and other documents such as passports and tickets. It is good to have a specific travel wallet that contains everything, and you should double-check every time you get ready to roll. These days you can also have digital backups in your phone for extra security. Also, remember to bring along any maps or directions if you don’t have a digital version.
  • First Aid Kit: Not that touring is dangerous, but accidents happen wherever you go, and if you are on the road, it is good to have a little first aid available for minor problems. Find a pre-stocked kit that stores easily in your bike, and has a good assortment of bandages, disinfectants, and tools.
  • Clothes: The less you bring, the better, but if you are going on a long journey, bring the minimum you think you can get away with. Your extra clothes should be warmer. It might be a good idea to include a light jacket and a swimsuit. That way, you can layer up if the weather goes against you.
  • Mobile Gear: Whatever you need to stay connected, make sure you have your phone, power bank, charging cables, and your laptop or tablet if necessary.
  • Tools: Hopefully, you won’t need to do any significant repairs; when you pack for a trip, you should have some essential tools along to help you through minor issues. You’ll need enough tools with you to change a tire, check a spark plug, take off pieces of the cowling that might be in the way. And you should always carry a tire repair kit as well.
  • Snacks and Water: You’ll have a lot more fun if you are hydrated and have a little something to munch It doesn’t matter what you bring, but make sure you have enough to share. A few tea bags might be a good idea as well.

None of these items are required, except for safety gear.  But everything on this list is likely to become very important at some point on an extended journey. When you pack, make sure to distribute the weight evenly around your bike.

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