How to Pick the Best Car Insurance Provider in Singapore

There is no question that many people view insurance as just one of many unwanted and unwelcome expenses — but the fact is that car insurance is compulsory, in Singapore just like almost everywhere else, for good reason. While you can and should, as a driver or motorcyclist, take proactive steps to increase your safety on the road and reduce your risk of ever being in an accident, the fact remains that it is not always possible to avoid a collision. 

Should the worst happen, you will certainly be glad to be insured. Not all car insurance and motorbike insurance providers are equal, however, and your experience will certainly be better all around if you take the time to make a thorough car insurance comparison or motorbike insurance comparison. How should Singaporean drivers pick the best car insurance company, though? Here are some tips to get you started, whether you are a new driver or someone looking to potentially switch insurance providers. 

Car and Motorbike Insurance Comparison: Cost

The first thing many drivers and motorcyclists will look out for as they choose the right insurance company for them is the cost. Since it is well known that factors pertaining to your vehicle or motorbike, as well as your age, gender, and driving record, influence the cost of your car insurance, not everyone will be offered the same deal. This is why the best way to find out which insurer will allow you to get the cheapest price on your motor insurance in Singapore is to ask for multiple quotes and then to make a price comparison. 

Although the cost of your car insurance premium is an important variable as you select your insurance company, it should never be the only one, as cheaper does not necessarily equal better. On that note, while you have the option to choose third party only (PTO) or third party, fire, and theft insurance, comprehensive car insurance will give you the highest level of protection in Singapore. To find out what car insurance options are cheapest, you can get started using an online quote comparison tool.

Car and Motorbike Insurance: Special Features

Not all car and motorcycle insurance companies are the same, and the ideal insurance provider will vary from one person to the next. When you are making your car insurance comparison or motorbike insurance comparison, some of the many characteristics you will want to take into account include:

  • Some insurance providers in Singapore offer special rewards to good drivers who have not been in an at-fault accident, by giving an additional no claim discount. 
  • Many, but not all, car insurance providers give you access to 24-hour emergency assistance. 
  • While some Singaporean car and motorbike insurance providers offer only set plans, others in fact allow drivers and motorcyclists to customise their insurance coverage, meaning you pick only the features you need. 
  • When making a motorbike insurance comparison, it is important to consider that, if you want to lend your motorcycle to others, only some insurers offer Any Driver policies that will provide coverage for unnamed non-primary riders too.
  • Customer service is another key consideration when you are choosing your ideal car insurance provider in Singapore. Does the insurance company treat you like a burden and a number, or are their employees easy to talk to and friendly?

Making a car insurance comparison if you drive a car, or a motorbike insurance comparison if you need your motorcycle covered, is made easy with online tools and reviews. However, don’t neglect other sources of information — also think about asking people in your personal circle, as well as workshops, for recommendations. 

Your choice of motor insurance provider is absolutely key. Although you hope that you will never be in a car or motorcycle accident, and you will never have your car or motorbike stolen or damaged, mishaps do happen. When you choose the very best car insurance company, you can feel safer driving or riding every day, knowing exactly what coverage and service you get. At the same time, you will be looking for a balanced price that does not put unnecessary strain on your budget. Making a comparison is the only way to make a truly informed decision about the best motor insurance provider for you.