How To Prep Your Car For Window Tinting


If you’re looking for car upgrades to improve your driving experience, window tinting can be an excellent option. Typically, window tints are useful for several reasons. Aside from enhancing the looks of your ride, they can also prolong its lifespan and protect it against natural elements, like UV (ultraviolet) radiation.

However, getting your vehicle’s windows tinted can be an overwhelming decision. There are some things to consider to ensure a desirable outcome. These can include preparing your car for the process. If you fail to make the necessary preparations, you might deal with poor tint installation.

Read on to learn how to prep your car for window tinting.

1. Get Familiar With The Tinting Laws In Your Area

Although window tinting can be used to improve the look of your vehicle, this process of darkening a window can be regulated by specific laws. This is especially true if you live in states that enforce strict tinting rules.

Generally, tinting laws are in place to ensure drivers’ safety and reduce the potential risks of vehicular accidents due to poor visibility and privacy issues. Hence, if you’re driving a car in a state with tinting laws, you should get familiar with some pertinent provisions to guarantee compliance. If you fail to stay compliant, you might pay hefty fines and penalties.

For example, if you’re in Colorado, you should be mindful of the Colorado Window Tint Laws. By doing so, you can get your car’s windows tinted without any legal trouble. But, to better understand the laws, you can work with a dedicated lawyer in the area for assistance.

2. Come Up With An Estimated Cost

Car window tinting isn’t a straightforward procedure. It usually requires time, energy, patience, and precision to get the job done correctly and safely. Because of this, it’s crucial to anticipate the cost when preparing your vehicle for tinting. You can do it by considering some factors, such as the model and type of your car and the size, when coming up with an estimated cost.

In most cases, anticipating the cost of your window tinting project plays a crucial role in prepping your car. Since this process requires accurate handwork and attention to detail, the expenses associated with tinting might be much higher than you think. Thus, to ensure you have the proper budget, take time to know how much it approximately costs, and you’ll be one step ahead of your preparations.

3. Clean Your Car’s Windows Thoroughly

When preparing your ride for window tinting, it’s also essential to thoroughly clean the windows inside and outside. By doing this, the technician can work faster by applying the tint films flawlessly. When your windows are dirty or dusty, you’re going to compromise the technician’s job no matter how experienced they are.

To get started, you might want to consider the following:

  • Make sure your cleaning agents are safe or free of risks when applying them to your windows.
  • Use water with soap or a few drops of cleaning agents to wash your windows.
  • Spray the surfaces and remove the water with a razor blade. This is especially true if there are stickers on the inside part of the window glass. However, you should be careful in doing so to avoid scratches on your window glass.
  • Use a sponge to remove excess water from the windows. Ensure to wash off your sponge every time you swipe to prevent fragments from appearing from one spot to another.
  • Repeat the cleaning process all over again until the glass is spotless.
  • Clean the outer part of your vehicle’s windows if you want to apply tint against the exterior of the glass.
  • If you notice damage or rock chips on the windows, be sure to replace any damaged part before cleaning them.

4. Choose The Tint Film You Want To Use

Deciding on what tint film to use is part of preparing your vehicle for the tinting process. So, to ensure a more positive outcome, make an effort to determine whether you want a low-quality or high-quality film. Your decision might depend on some factors, including your budget, the size of your car, and other similar conditions.

However, it’s essential to know that choosing a low-quality tint film might not be the best idea. It can quickly wear out and leave your car’s window glasses messy. Meanwhile, selecting a high-quality one can be expensive, but it can last long, providing your vehicle with the best tint.

Bottom Line

Window tinting can be an excellent investment for your vehicle. But, before getting it tinted, make sure to keep the information mentioned above in mind. Doing so gives you an upper hand in what you should do to prepare your car for tinting and attain a favorable result. Every step you take can help you save money while giving your car windows the tint they deserve.

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