How to Prepare Your Car for Long Term Storage


You sure love your car, and you look after it like no one else does but what if you are leaving the town for a long time and are worried about your car getting worn out?

Preparing your car long storage can become necessary at times because of busy life schedule or work commitments. Although it is not as easy as it seems at times, it is, however, not difficult as well.

There are some points to ponder and somethings you might need to memorize to prepare your car for long storage the next time you are away either for work or for personal reasons.

But before we break it out how to get your car ready for long storage, you might want to know why it’s necessary?

Cars can get worn out and out of order if not driven for a long period of times. Ideally, a car must not be rested more than a couple of days.

However, it is not possible to take your car with you. In today’s world of busy schedules and business meetings in different parts of the world, it becomes a tough ask to keep your car fit.

With a few steps and proper care, you can prepare your car for long storage. These are a few things you might need to do.

Clean Your Car and Park It in A Climate Controlled Garage

Ideally, the car should be stored and parked in a climate controlled facility. You might not want any moisture to get close to your car. A climate controlled garage is dry and free of moisture. Make sure you clean your car before parking it.  Also be sure to click site and find out more about garage doors.

Wash and service your car thoroughly to remove all the dust and rustiness on the surface. Fill the tank with gas and change the engine oil.

Use lubricants and engine coolants to increase the life of engine oil. Park your car in a closed garage or facility. Filling up your car keeps your oil tank from corroding.

Also, while you decide to store your car for a month or maybe more, you better think about covering it up as well. There is a whole variety of car covers available in the market. Get one and cover your car to save it from rusting. Don’t hesitate to learn more by checking out landcruiser storage systems.

This is especially important if you don’t have a climate controlled garage or facility. If, however, the facility is climate and moisture controlled, there is not much need of covering your car from rust and dust.  Using a heater in your garage can do wonders for your car.

Rusting can cause the car’s paint to faint a bit, and thus it is important to cover the car is most cases.

Take care of the battery

Taking care of your battery is one of the essential things you must do to prepare your car for long term storage. You should always tend to your car battery. There are two ways for that.

Either have someone you trust to drive you’re a few miles after every few days. If there’s no one to do so, there is a simpler way to take care of your car battery.

When you are going to park your car, make sure to remove the negative terminal of the battery. This will keep the battery from draining out. In short, whenever you are going to store your car, keep the battery running to save it from draining.

However, if in case you forget to do both, there is a way for that as well. If your battery is dead and worn out, you can always use a smart trickle charger to charge the battery. Smart Trickle Charger has an ability to communicate with the smart battery management system.

It’s always good to have one with you just in case if the battery runs out of power. It might come handy on your next adventure.

Don’t set the parking brake

Do not set the parking or handbrake of your car. While you park your car for a longer period, the best alternate for handbrake is the tire stopper.

Get a tire stopper instead of setting hand brake. Don’t allow your parking brake against to rotors for too long, or it will start having issues.

Also, always oil brakes before parking the car. Unoiled brakes can cause a lot of issues and damage after been on rest for a while.

Another excellent safety tool is the car steering wheel locks. It’ll provide an extra layer of security for your vehicle.

Don’t forget to cover the insurance

This one might seem a bit awkward, but yes, don’t forget to cover the insurance. Even if your car is in storage, don’t cancel the insurance. You are surely not looking for any trouble in case if things get bad.

Always ensure to have an insurance plan for your car no matter what. Any lapse of discontinuity in coverage of your insurance plan can cause a lot of trouble down the line. Also, the next time you will look for insurance, it will be on a much higher rate.

So no matter if your favorite ride is on rest, don’t give your insurance company any chance to come at you. Always ensure that your car is insured no matter what.

These are a few things you have to take care of to safely secure your car for long term storage. If you don’t do any of these, it will surely cost you a lot the next time you will hop in for a ride. Prepare your car and get along with everything necessary to store it for a long time.

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