How to protect your car against scratches

Car scratches can be a real pain and unfortunately they are almost unavoidable. Though there are some precautions car owners can take to protect their cars against scratches. This article is concerned about how you can protect your car against scratches.

How do car scratches occur

Sometimes it feels like car scratches occur out of nowhere for no particular reason and most cars have them.

There are many causes for car scratches. Cars actually become scratched very easily as the exterior is much more delicate than you would think.

Car scratches are commonly caused by rocks and pebbles that hit your car while driving. This is pretty much unavoidable, which is why you must take other precautions to prevent scratches. Rocks and pebbles will always be flying around and hitting your car when you drive. Your car can also be scratched by sticks and other stuff lying on the ground when you drive.

Another common cause for scratches is washing and drying it too roughly. As mentioned earlier a car is much more delicate than you would think. Therefore using rough materials to wash your car can do more damage than good. Using a rough, dirty sponge will scratch your car, and barely do any cleaning. Instead you should use synthetic microfiber towels when you wash your car, as these will not scratch your car.

Different types of coating for your car

A method of protecting your car against scratches is using a specific kind of coating. Coatings protect your car and makes it more resistant to scratches. There are two major types of car coating.

Teflon coating, also known as poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene is a synthetic fluoropolymer. This kind of coating can be compared to household articles such as nonstick pots and pans. Teflon coating is an affordable option for protecting your car. It protects your car from minor scratches and can last up to eight months if maintained.

Ceramic coatings, also known as nano coating, is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle. This coating works by bonding the chemicals from the coating and the paint of the car which creates a protection layer.

Ceramic coating not only lasts longer but is also much more protecting than Teflon. Ceramic coating bonds with the paint which Teflon does not do, as it is more of a surface layer. Ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to form a thicker, second layer which cannot be seen.

Why you should use Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating makes the car resistant to scratches and repels water, oil and dirt. If the coating is applied correctly it can last for years.

Another benefit of using ceramic coating is that it also protects the car from rust, oxidation and UV rays. When a car is exposed to the sun the paint will begin to oxidize. The paint can fade and shrink. Applying a protecting layer of ceramic coating the paint will be protected from UV rays.

Ceramic coating is hydrophobic which means that it repels water. This technology makes the car easier to clean as the water and soap is going to slide off the car more easily. As mentioned earlier one of the common causes of scratches is improper washing. Applying a protective coat such as ceramic coating, will prevent dirt from causing scratches on your car during cleaning.

Ceramic coatings will increase the longevity of your car and also preserve the value of the car. The coating also adds a gloss to the surface of your car. This gives the car a fresh and clean look.

Coating vs no coating

Throughout this article numerous benefits of using ceramic coating have been mentioned. It cannot be emphasized enough how important ceramic coating is for protecting your car. Without any use of coating your car is not protected from scratches or other factors such as oxidation and dirt. Not maintaining your car will decrease the longevity and the value of the car. When time comes and you want to sell your car, the value has decreased and you might not get an ideal price for it. On the other hand you can pay for a repair of the car and its many scratches though this will probably be expensive.

This can all be avoided simply by applying ceramic coatings to your car. It prevents scratches, which are usually unavoidable, and it maintains your car and makes it look brand new for years. Ceramic coatings are an easy solution for protecting your car.