How To Protect Your Car’s Exterior


Many of us take great pride in our vehicles and want to do all that we can to protect them from incurring damage. Despite this, it can be difficult to know what steps can be implemented to defend our car’s exterior. Thankfully, there are simple habits that you can adopt to care for your car or even affordable products that you can purchase. So, what methods of protection are there?

Purchase a Car Lip Kit

Not only does a classy gloss black lip give your vehicle a custom look, but it also protects it from wear and scrapes. The roads are filled with debris and other obstacles that will inevitably come into contact with your car at some point. This is unavoidable and it does not matter how careful you are to avoid it. Fortunately, the installation of a lip kit shields your bumper from wear and tear caused by curbs, bumps, and other obstructions.

Use Proper Washing Materials

Improper, abrasive cloths could scratch your car, meaning that you will want to invest in synthetic microfibre towels that are designed specifically for vehicle cleaning. Similarly, basic household soap could result in smearing and discolouration of your car. Instead, you should purchase and use an automotive-specific soap for a professional finish.

Avoid Automatic Car Washes

The bristles in automatic car washes are renowned for clinging onto dirt and debris when cleaning cars. As a result, this dirt can be transferred to the next car when the brushes are not properly rinsed.

Clean Your Car Before Waxing

If your car has not been thoroughly cleaned before a wax, you may be dragging dirt across the surface of your car. Not only will this make your car look grubby, but it can even scratch the car’s surface, creating much more permanent damage.

Do Not Park Near Other Vehicles

When next to other vehicles, your car is inevitably more susceptible to enduring a collision. Doors may be opened onto your vehicle or another car’s bumper may scrape against you. It is impossible to control the actions of other drivers so distancing your car from them gives you a slight shield from damage.

Park in a Garage

Not only does parking in a garage protect your car from other drivers and passers-by, but it also shields it from weather damage. The sun’s UV rays can cause paintwork to fade, whilst strong winds and rainfall can implement damage to the car’s body. Ultimately, your vehicle is out of harm’s way when contained in a garage.

Carry a Spot-Cleaning Kit

Messes such as bird droppings are a common occurrence on windshields, however, a lot of people do not know the risk of leaving bird droppings on your car. Bird droppings contain uric acid which is corrosive and so should be cleaned up almost immediately. With a spot-cleaning kit to hand, this will not be an issue.

Purchase a Car Cover

Car covers are affordable, portable, and ideal for protecting your vehicle’s exterior. They can shield your car from scratches, discolouration, stains, and dirt which will minimise how much cleaning is required and alleviate your worries surrounding your car.

Keep Tyres Properly Inflated

A car’s tyre pressure is vitally important to the safety of you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. You should take good care of your tyres not just for the aesthetic but also to adhere to safety measures.


With the necessary steps, you can be sure that your car will appear brand new for years on end. If properly planned the maintenance of your car’s exterior can be a streamlined and inexpensive process.

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