How to Protect Your Car’s Paint


Did you know that the priciest car paint ever manufactured costs around $530 per liter?

Imagine paying to have your baby coated in this particular blue gold (the car paint in question is the fanciest blue paint ever made), and then having it destroyed by bugs and dust on your next joy ride. Not ideal, you needed paint protection.

Keep reading if you want to stop the elements from eating your car’s paint.

Different Kinds of Paint Protection

There are two broad categories of paint-protecting products available on the market. You can purchase special chemicals which bond with car paint to protect it, or you can have a film applied over the car’s body that protects the paint.

Wax, Sealants, and Coats

The appeal of these products starts here: that’s your car’s paint. Car wax is a favorite in the car maintenance industry because it is easy to apply, it’s affordable, and it gets the job done.

Paint sealant, on the other hand, lasts longer than wax and offers better protection from chemical and UV weathering. The secret to this agent’s longevity is that it bonds with vehicle paint.

The ultimate in-store bought products, however, is a ceramic coating. Ceramic coats offer even better protection than standard sealant, as they protect against small amounts of physical damage and last up to four times longer!

Films and wraps

Another option available to you from the gurus of car maintenance is to have your car wrapped in a protective layer material.

These protective films and wraps go beyond chemically protecting the paint from the elements. They offer a stronger extra layer of physical protection from dust particles, bug strikes, and other events that may ugly up your paint job. These are perfect for car enthusiasts who live in dustier regions or who drive on roads that swarm in the summer.

The best protective films and car wraps get applied in a workshop by professionals at services like Supreme Wraps.

The DIY Guy

Car wax, sealants, and ceramic agents can all be bought over the counter, which makes them perfect for those enthusiasts who love spending Saturday mornings working on their rides.

You can even buy a spray-on product that becomes a protective film. So you get the quality time with the vehicle and the paint protection benefit of a protective film.

Professional Help

However, it’s not a secret that the best way to get the most out of any product is to have it installed by true professionals. Having protective films and car wraps applied is best left to professional services.

Basic protective films have to be specially manufactured for each car model, and you don’t want ugly bubbles forming while the plastic layer is being applied.

Another benefit of sending your car in to have a wrap done is that you can have colors and even designs customized and applied to your vehicle. This means that you can add branding, racing stripes, or any other unique elements you may desire to your vehicle.

Protect Your Paint

It’s so easy to find a form of paint protection that suits your needs and budget. Do your vehicle a favor and get your car paint the protection it needs.

You can also find out more about cars and vehicle maintenance on our blog if you found this post useful.


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