How To Remove Toyota Oil Filter Without Wrench Conveniently

Knowing the fundamentals of everything is consistently useful. This general should offer attention to the drivers that they can eliminate Toyota oil filter removal without a wrench. Since this is by one way or another a fundamental data that each driver or an individual who claims a vehicle should know. The way toward removal of the oil filter is very straightforward with a wrench, yet once in a while we are out of a particular tool and this article is intended to give you an answer to all things considered.

Coming towards the central matter, the inquiry lies in this article is How to Remove Toyota Oil Filter without a Wrench? We should peruse the article and become more acquainted with a suitable arrangement about removing the oil filter without a wrench.

How to Remove Toyota Oil Filter without Wrench?

Though it is always best to use the specific tool for any type of technical work like removing oil filters. If you are not having a filter wrench and you need to remove the oil filter, you may use some of the methods that are given below in this article.

Methods to remove oil filter without using a wrench

There are almost 4 methods that can be used for removing Toyota oil filters without a wrench. You may use any of the methods to complete your required task in a certain way.

Using Sandpaper

Using sandpaper to remove the Toyota oil filter is a cheap way to accomplish the task. You can simply wrap the sandpaper over the oil filter and make a strong grip of sandpaper over the oil filter. After making sure that your sandpaper is wrapped properly, just pull the sandpaper towards the other direction and the force energy that would be created with this method will be helpful in removing the Toyota oil filter without a wrench.

Antique timing belt and key

Another useful method is also present here and this method is using an antique timing belt and a key.  Use both tools and create a lever with both of them and spot the belt across the oil filter and keep it up with the assistance of a key and unscrew it.

Screwdriver and hammer

Utilizing a screwdriver and sledge can likewise be valuable to remove the oil. You essentially need to put the tip of the screwdriver on the oil channel and hit the foundation of the screwdriver with the assistance of a sledge towards the anti-clock bearing. The energy by the sledge would eliminate the Toyota oil filter without any problem.

Three legs adaptor

Another used apparatus for this design is a three legs adapter. This adapter is sorted in probably the best apparatus for eliminating Toyota oil filters. We may say this device is least utilized for this reason however by one way or another it could give you the best outcome even a superior outcome rather than a wrench.

So, all these tools and methods can be utilized if you are wondering about How to Remove Toyota Oil Filter without Wrench?

Another way is also there that could be helpful for removing the oil filter without a wrench. But this method should be tried out before trying any of the other methods.

The first method to try

Sometimes, oil filters are not much tightened and you even can open a Toyota oil filter with your hand as well. So, give it a chance and try to open the oil filter in an anti-clock direction. Maybe it could be opened easily. For this purpose, you should follow safety measures and give it a try. Keep in mind that you should wear gloves before using your hands to open the Toyota oil filter.

After getting complete knowledge about How to Remove Toyota Oil Filter without Wrench, we also should know why it is important to change the oil filter.

Importance of changing oil filter

It is a fundamental phenomenon that we need to remove the oil filter when we are in need to change the filter. It is important to change the oil filter to maintain the vehicle’s credibility and seek to keep the engine in good condition.

Facts to remember

There are some important facts that every person should remember before going to remove the Toyota oil filter even with a wrench and without a wrench as well.

Make sure that your vehicle is cold and it was not on drive mode before at least two hours of your working.

Make the filter oiled again before giving a try to remove it because sometimes it won’t unscrew because of no oil on the filter

You also should know about the right direction of removing the oil filter with any tool. If you are removing it in the wrong direction it would be more tightened instead of making it lose.


All the easy and unique methods are described here in this article. This is now a worthwhile article to know about How to remove Toyota Oil Filter without Wrench. So, this is a helpful way to understand how to accomplish any task related to vehicles by using alternate tools when you are out of a specific tool. This is totally clear that you can remove the Toyota oil filter using sandpaper, screwdriver with a hammer, timing belt, and key as well as with a three-leg adaptor. You can try to open it by hand.