How to Save Money on Auto Insurance


When most people think about overspending, they might imagine international travel, designer shoes, and unnecessary kitchen gadgets as the worst culprits. But a regular expense like auto insurance can be at fault, too. Can you get full coverage without breaking the bank?

Why Overspending is Bad, Even When it Comes to the Essentials

Despite how important auto insurance is, it’s no excuse to overspend beyond your means. This bad habit can leave you broke until you deposit your next paycheck. If anything unexpected comes your way before then, you’ll have nothing to fall back on.

Suppose the car you’re spending so much to insure breaks down one day or blows a tire. In emergencies like these, you may need to take out an online cash advance. If approved, a cash advance may grant you the funds you need for unexpected repairs, tiding you over until your paycheck.

You can improve your approval by researching the different types of cash advances available online today. Compare online direct lenders and cash advance terms to find an option with eligibility requirements that match your profile.

Here’s How to Lower Your Rates

Ideally, you wouldn’t have to turn to cash advance online. Follow these tips to get your spending in control, so you can start building savings.

Shop Around

Some insurers provide decent coverage at a fraction of the cost of the biggest companies. A simple online search can get you started — just open several insurance company websites in their own tabs and compare them directly on your screen. Verify what you read here on rating sites, like AM Best, Standard & Poor, or your state insurance department.


Completing the first step in this list will help you perform better in this next task. Talking down your bills with your current insurance provider is easier when you’re in full possession of the facts.

Did you find out another company provides greater deals with better deductibles? Bring this up and use your history as a customer to at least match this price. Repeat that you can find a better deal if they aren’t willing to play ball.

While you have them on the phone, leverage your profile to see if you can earn more discounts. The following things might lower your rates:

  • Vehicle has new safety features
  • Lower than average mileage
  • No accidents
  • Change in marital status

Enroll in Classes

Some insurers are willing to cut you a deal if you’ve taken defensive driving lessons. These classes teach you how to navigate roads full of hazards and dangerous drivers, which may reduce your chances of being in an accident.

Always check with your insurer just how much of a discount these classes will get you to ensure your class doesn’t cost more than your savings.

Improve Your Credit Score

Did you know that many insurance companies use an auto credit score to determine your rates? This credit score takes data from your financial credit report to determine the chances you’ll get into an accident.

The higher your financial credit score is, the better you’ll perform in your auto credit score, so always pay your utilities and installment loans on time and keep your line of credit balances low.

Stop the essentials from stealing your hard-earned money. Staying insured doesn’t have to bust your budget. Try these tips out to see how much you can save.

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