How to Select the Best Breakdown Cover Insurance


Breakdown cover is an insurance policy that protects your vehicle if it gets damaged when you run into a breakdown or accident. This cover can protect your car and your belongings, and in most cases, it covers the passengers in your car. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a breakdown cover:

How frequently you travel

If you are a frequent traveler, you need to consider taking a policy that will save you for any eventuality. Such policies usually involve charging a higher premium but save you in cases where you may need to repair damage resulting from accidents or when other road users may damage your vehicle. The policies also cover you when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere and cannot be driven to the nearest garage for repair. However, if you are a driver who only travels occasionally, a cheaper alternative would be enough.

The age of your car

If you own a used car, it may be more important to consider your breakdown cover policy. You may be able to effectively cover your risk by looking at the age of the car, as well as the type of engine and engine size.

If you have a standard engine, your policy will likely cover any major breakdown. However, if you have a turbo or supercharged engine, then you may need additional cover. It is also worth checking if the policy covers specific parts of the vehicle, such as brakes and sensors(, and electrical system and whether it will cover towing and recovery costs if you break down in a non-maintenance area.


Different kinds of breakdowns cover insurance costs differently depending on the service they offer. It may be capped on the number of times you can use it. Additionally, it depends on whether you will get roadside assistance, be driven to your destination, or get another vehicle to your destination. Also, if you have children or pets in your car, the cost can be a bit higher since they need extra care.

Depending on your budget, you can choose an insurer that meets your needs, customize a plan for you, and offer advice on which one suits you and your family. You can also check out companies that offer affordable covers.

Super tip: Get the best value for money by comparing what is important to you.

Because there are so many different breakdown cover policies on the market, it’s important to look out for ones that are designed to be simple and easy to understand. That way, you’ll have a policy that’s easy to use and which will help you get your car – and your life – back on track after an accident.

The length of your commutes

When selecting the best breakdown insurance cover for your car, consider the length of your travels. Do you travel over long distances or just a few miles from your house?

Even if you commute just a few miles to get groceries, go to work or drive to picnic sites, it helps if you have a breakdown cover. It’s embarrassing to be stranded just a few miles from your home with no means of getting home. In this instance, you can look for insurers who cover short commutes.

On the other hand, getting a breakdown cover that covers you and your family is essential if you are a lone traveler. If you travel outside the state or country, find an insurer that will cover you in other countries as well.

Response Time

You may want to know the response time your potential insurer takes to respond to your emergency. Before signing the papers, you need to ask such questions. If they give you a vague answer or have no idea of the exact time it will take, then the chances are that they may take longer. We all know the inconvenience it will cause if you are stuck on the highway on your own or with kids trying to wait for a rescue team that may never arrive in time. Therefore, run to the insurers that offer timely responses. One of the ways to know is to check customers’ reviews on the insurer. If they have good reviews in terms of timely response, then you can consider them. Bad reviews show that they are unreliable and will not offer much.

Decide if you need a breakdown cover during the night.

Breakdown cover is essential to ensure you’re never stuck on the roadside and can quickly get home or to a garage. 4×4 breakdown cover and winter breakdown cover are even more important to ensure you’re covered in all conditions. But what happens when you break down during the night? If you drive abroad, extra breakdown cover for European breakdown cover means you can call for help 24/7 wherever you are.

What type of breakdown cover do you need?

Here is a quick summary of some of the most common types of breakdown cover:

  • RAC Recovery – this type of breakdown cover will help you get your car towed to an approved garage or a place where a member of the RAC can be on hand to give you some help. This means you won’t have to wait around for hours with a flat tyre.
  • Lorry Recovery – this is a more expensive form of recovery as it covers your car being towed from anywhere in the country to anywhere else in the country, as long as it isn’t more than 50 miles away from the place where it broke down.


With those factors in mind, choosing the right breakdown car insurance becomes less tedious. It’s essential to also check if your bank account or credit cards offer car breakdown insurance. With additional premium payments, you can upgrade and save more money. Even with a cover, you need to take good care of your car. Ensure that you service your car as required and fix parts as recommended by your mechanic.



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